The FIRM - Body Sculpting Systems

The FIRM - Body Sculpting Systems

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The FIRM - Body Sculpting Systems
  • Coretoner

    Tighten and tone your core for an overall, amazing look.

  • FIRM and Flat Abs

    This versatile workout incorporates functional moves that mimic everyday life. Step, chop, and lunge your way to a stronger, leaner core.

  • Boot Camp Burn

    A super-intense workout designed to create a solid, flat core. Get your heart pumping and fat melting to reveal new, sculpted abs.

  • Flat Belly Sculptor

    Flatten your abs from the inside out with moves that flow so efficiently and effectively you'll feel your core tightening as you work out.

  • Cardio to the Core

    This high-energy workout focuses on flattening your core while torching calories. Carve your waistline with simple, fun moves that create a strong, lean core.

  • Cardio + Sculpt

    Get on the fast track to fabulous! This incredible program is designed to pack a powerful fat-burning punch into short, high-energy sessions.

  • Fat-Blasting

    In this slow-burn session, you'll balance total-body sculpting intervals with strategic Mini-Bursts to burn extra calories while you trim and tone your thighs, abs, arms, shoulders and more.

  • Calorie-Burning

    Work every major muscle group for all-over conditioning with accelerated weight loss results.

  • Club Dance

    Dance to heart-pounding, high-energy club music that will get your body moving and the calories melting away. You'll be able to show off your fresh new dance moves and hot new body!

  • Hot Latin Mix

    This hot Latin dance segment is so much fun you'll want to do it over and over. Learn how to move your hips for maximum calorie burn and spice up your cardio routine while shrinking your waistline.

  • Caribbean Moves

    Upbeat reggae music keeps your body moving from beginning to end for a total cardio blast – Caribbean style!

  • Warm Up

    Warm up for the Calorie Explosion workout.

  • Drills

    Get your entire body in motion with athletic movements that mix lower-intensity, fat-burning sculpting moves.

  • Power Moves

    Get your heart and muscles pumping with this 12-minute calorie-burning cardio and sculpting workout.

  • Cardio Kickbox

    Kick calories to the curb with Alison Davis in this 12-minute Cardio Kickboxing workout.

  • High Intensity

    Blast body fat with Alison Davis in this 12-minute High Intensity Moves workout.

  • Cool Down

    Finish strong and refreshed! Conclude each workout with this essential cool down routine.

  • Workout

    Total Body Time Crunch is 45 minutes of The FIRM's secret weapon against unwanted flab. Designed with the signature combination of aerobics and weights this program is 3 times more effective at burning fat than aerobics alone!

  • Express

    A 25-minute "Express" version of Total Body Time Crunch for the busy bee in you.

  • Yoga Therapy for the Back

    This therapeutic practice from Jeanie Manchester is an all-levels class designed to release discomfort and tightness at the bottom of your vertebral stack.

  • ABSolute Core

    Get a powerful midsection with master FIRM instructor Rebekah Sturkie in a core 10-minute workout targeting your abs and obliques.

  • Bikini Body

    Join master FIRM instructor Emily Welsh in this 10-minute ultimate body-slimming, heart-pumping, cardio workout designed to give you a bikini-ready body fast.

  • Bun Burn

    Join master FIRM instructor Emily Welsh in a cardio and sculpting 10-minute workout designed to firm and tighten your buns while burning fat.

  • Fearless Arms

    Join master FIRM instructor Rebekah Sturkie in a concentrated, high-powered 10-minute workout designed to sculpt your upper body. Recommended Equipment: Dumbbells