Lauren Boggi - Low Impact Cardio & Fitness Walking

Lauren Boggi - Low Impact Cardio & Fitness Walking

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Lauren Boggi - Low Impact Cardio & Fitness Walking
  • Day 1 - Express Walking

    Kick start your week with this walking workout that includes upper and lower body toning.

  • Day 2

    A walking routine with exercises to tone your arms and abs while burning calories.

  • Day 3 - Walking For Your Week

    Get some cardio conditioning with this 30 minute walking workout that focuses on the lower body and core.

  • Day 4

    A walking workout that targets the full body for maximum calorie burn.

  • Day 5

    A low impact cardio workout to tone the whole body

  • Day 6 - Walking For Your Week

    A low-impact cardio workout to help you tighten and tone your entire body.

  • Day 7

    A fat burning workout with low-impact cardio and exercises to tone the butt.

  • Get Moving

    Move along to this 20 minute walking workout to help you towards your weightloss goal

  • Power Walk

    Pick up some light dumbbells for this 30 minute power walk to help you burn calories and strengthen your muscles.

  • Slow Down

    A low impact cardio routine that helps you lose weight, while tightening the core

  • Gentle Stretch

    In just 15 minutes you'll elevate your heart rate for effective cardio conditioning, as well as stretching your lower body for increased mobility

  • Evening Walk

    Release the stress from your day but getting in a 30 minute low-impact cardio routine to burn calories and tone your muscles.

  • Low Impact Cardio

    Using just your bodyweight, you will burn calories and tone your entire body in just 30 minutes.

  • Morning Walk

    Start your day off right with this 30 minute low-impact cardio workout that includes a core circuit.

  • Day 1

    In just 15 minutes this workout will burn those unwanted calories while toning your entire body.

  • Day 2

    Increase your cardio conditioning and overall health with this short 15 minute low-impact workout.

  • Day 3

    A quick low-impact walking workout to tone your whole body using nothing but your bodyweight!

  • Day 4

    A quick 15 minute walking routine that targets the upper body.

  • Day 5

    A fast walking workout you can do at anytime of the day. Grab a resistance band to help tone your legs