Advanced Yoga

Advanced Yoga

Advanced Yoga
  • Morning Yoga

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  • For Muscles

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  • For Body Aches

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  • Movement
    27 items


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  • For Athletes

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  • Strength
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  • Yoga for Your Week

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  • Calorie Blast Yoga

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  • Daily Yoga

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  • Detox Yoga

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  • Power Yoga

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  • Angry Yoga

    1 season

    This two-class series reminds you that you have a choice when dealing with angry energy. Use these practices to learn how to handle and transform anger into energy that is peaceful and helpful. Practice regularly to receive and let go of anger as needed.

  • Every Day Yoga

    1 season

    Rodney Yee's Every Day Yoga comes from a warm, educated, and whole-hearted approach, developed from nearly 30 years of teaching all sizes, shapes, & ages of the human body. Rodney can help anyone understand and enjoy yoga as a health & wellness practice.

  • Loosen Up Yoga

    1 season

    This series with Rodney Yee offers three 15-minute practices to help you transition throughout the day. Enjoy a gentle awakening in the morning, an energetic flow for midday, and a supportive practice to unwind and prepare your body and mind for rest.

  • Muscle Building and Retention

    1 season

    Build and maintain muscles in your upper body, lower body and core with three yoga classes designed specifically to be effective in just 20 minutes. And, to ensure your body and mind have time to rest and unwind, enjoy the 12-minute restorative practice.

  • Rodney Yee‘s Ultimate Power Yoga

    1 season

    Join renowned yoga teacher Rodney Yee for a series of power yoga routines designed to provide greater cardiovascular benefits and burn calories. Follow Rodney through 5 unique power yoga videos, the Power Foundation meant to awaken your spirit and improve balance and stamina, Sun Salutations for ...

  • Calorie Killer Yoga

    1 season

    Award-winning yoga instructor Colleen Saidman leads five energizing practices that will increase metabolism, strength, flexibility, balance and focus – all keys to maintaining a healthy mind and body. Each practice builds to the next, increasing the cardio challenge as you progress.

  • CorePower Yoga: Calorie Blast Yoga

    1 season

    CorePower Yoga combines cardio with toning and traditional yoga poses for a completely energizing experience. Based on the popular CorePower Yoga studio classes, these three yoga practices will have you blasting calories and building overall strength in a fun, easy-to-follow format. Plus, you'll ...

  • Advanced Flow

    An advanced morning practice that includes arm balances and inversions, the goal of this class isn't to "go" deeper, but rather to listen more intently. By coordinating the breath, body, mind and soul, you anchor your consciousness in an expansive state.

  • Advanced Arms

    Join renowned yoga teacher Rodney Yee as he leads you through his personal arm-balancing practice. You'll engage and strengthen your triceps, entire upper body, core and legs while developing mindfulness, steadiness and ease in the midst of challenge.

  • Hip Openers

    Practice with renowned yoga teacher Rodney Yee as he guides you through an advanced hip opening sequence, designed to increase flexibility and fluidity.

  • Inversions and Arm Balances

    This Ashtanga practice from Doug Swenson is an advanced class designed for safely playing your way into inverting your yoga.

  • Hip Opening

    Create more space in the hips. On our journey, we will work all areas of the hips through forward folds and lunges, working our way up to a more advanced hip-opening posture - full lotus.

  • Yoga Sequence of the Day with Yogi Nora: Power to the People

    This Sequence of the Day is a power flow that works your muscles and joints.