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  • 10 Minute Core Activation

    Your core is more than just your abs, it is the center of your power. In this quick and powerful practice you will learn to activate your deep core muscles as well as your torso so that your lower body is strong and your upper body is free.

  • Yoga Tone Butt & Abs

    Activate, tone and sculpt your legs, glutes and abs in this strength based yoga class using light weights. Expect repetition, long holds and plyometrics (jumps) to strengthen and shape your body. Props: kettlebell, ankle weights, resistance band.

  • Challenge Your Balance

    Strengthen your legs and stabilize your glutes and hips in order to build your stamina in standing balances.

  • Sculpt Your Body

    A practice geared at strengthening and toning the entire body through a combination of movement, long holds and proper alignment. Engage in familiar yoga postures and explore less traditional poses that ignite strength and coordination. Props: 1 block.

  • Better Balance Practice

    Create better balance in your body and mind with this 20-minute yoga class. Explore your balance in standing poses, like Mountain, Triangle and Half Moon, by feeling the subtleties of your feet and breath and noticing the sensation of grounding to rise.

  • Feel Young Again

    In this class we will foster some practices that slow down the inner aging process. We will work with postures that create more mobility in the spine, rejuvenate the feet, and restore the body to a place of agelessness.

  • Yoga for Balance

    Play with the feeling of falling and retrieving your balance as you use this yoga practice to help you learn how to shift your weight. Discover how much fun it can beto lose your composure and explore balance with curiosity.

  • Hip Opening

    Create more space in the hips. On our journey, we will work all areas of the hips through forward folds and lunges, working our way up to a more advanced hip-opening posture - full lotus.

  • Inversions

    Gain a fresh perspective on life in this class practicing inversions. We will build our inversions slowly and offer a variety of modifications and supports for entering into postures such as forearm balance, bridge, and shoulder stand.

  • Inversions and Arm Balances

    This Ashtanga practice from Doug Swenson is an advanced class designed for safely playing your way into inverting your yoga.

  • Strong Body, Strong Mind

    Learn strengthening postures combined with dynamic movement to exhilarate your mind and tone your entire body.

  • Strong, Lean and Open Legs

    This fusion practice from Ashleigh Sergeant is a moderate class designed to build your lower body.

  • Stress Busting Shoulderstand

    This tutorial practice from Desiree Rumbaugh is designed to help you drop right into the power of this important posture.

  • Sexy Six Pack

    This power yoga practice from Ashley Turner is an intermediate class designed to build your center.

  • Full Body Sculpt

    This power vinyasa practice from Ashley Turner is an intermediate class designed to tone the body and build mental fortitude.

  • Core Encore

    This fusion practice from Mary Clare Sweet is a moderate class designed to help you cultivate a strong, sure self on and off the mat.

  • Get Ready to Sweat

    This vinyasa practice from Kreg Weiss, B HKin is an intermediate class designed to release stuckness throughout the body with a slow, steady burn.

  • Secrets of the Shoulder

    This hatha tutorial practice from Desiree Rumbaugh is an all-levels class designed to quickly release stuck energy in your top half.

  • Strong, Long: Arms & Shoulders

    This fusion practice from Ashleigh Sergeant is a beginner's class designed to build your top half and firm your center.

  • Ashtanga with Extra Spice

    This Ashtanga vinyasa practice from Doug Swenson is an intermediate class designed to guide you through an inventive mix of the practice's sequences.

  • Belly

    Burn belly fat and sculpt a leaner and stronger midsection. This practice takes you through a series of plank poses that will help you stand taller, look leaner, and feel more balanced.