Calorie Blast Yoga

Calorie Blast Yoga

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Calorie Blast Yoga
  • Constant Cardio

    Ignite your metabolism with this fat-burning yoga workout. Your body will be in constant motion as you build heat and torch calories.

  • Energy & Endurance

    This practice focuses on increasing endurance and building strength while helping you create long lines and tone muscle.

  • Sustained Burn

    Sustain calorie burn by building and maintaining heat in the body. You'll learn how moving purposefully from one pose to the next keeps your heart rate elevated to achieve calorie-killing results long after the workout is complete.

  • Rise & Shine

    Learn how starting each day with a sun salutation invigorates the body and gets your engine revving to burn calories all day long.

  • Balance & Restore

    This slower, gentler practice allows you to balance and focus the mind while increasing flexibility and muscle tone.

  • Ready to Sweat?

    This high-energy flow will torch calories and make you feel great, inside and out.

  • Strength Practice

    Designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group.

  • Strong Body, Strong Mind

    Learn strengthening postures combined with dynamic movement to exhilarate your mind and tone your entire body.

  • Power Abs

    Tone your abs the CorePower Yoga way.

  • Fast Burn

    Squeeze in some calorie burning poses during your busy day.