For Body Aches

For Body Aches

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For Body Aches
  • Back Pain

    A quick go-to practice to relieve back pain and return mobility and blood flow to the spine.

  • Neck/Shoulders Pain

    A quick go-to practice to relieve stiff neck and shoulders and restore mobility and blood flow to the upper body. Props: Blanket.

  • Hips/Legs Pain

    A quick go-to practice to relieve tight, aching hips and legs and bring healthy circulation back into the joints. Props: Strap, two blocks.

  • Tight Neck and Shoulders

    This practice from Tara Lee is guaranteed to soothe achy shoulders and tight neck muscles. With most of the work on the ground, this sequence is perfect for any time of day. Enjoy!

  • Yoga for Tight People

    Your tightness is actually a good thing! In yoga, this resistance provides a way to better understand our bodies and minds. Release bindings and restrictions in common tight areas, revealing space and freedom.

  • Yoga for Arthritis

    Reduce inflammation and cultivate mobility in your wrist and finger joints in this class designed specifically for people with hand arthritis. Restore the health of your hands resume the tactile movement necessary to function in daily life.

  • Yoga for Joint Freedom

    A great sage once said that enlightenment feels like space in the joints. With over 300 joints in your body, learning how to fluid, spacious, and rhythmic in each will allow you to live life with ease, adapting and receiving moments as they come.

  • Yoga for Osteoporosis

    In this therapeutic, slow-moving yoga class tailored for students with osteoporosis or low bone density, we will practice distributing our weight to different areas of our bones with subtle weight-bearing postures that build bone mass..

  • Yoga for Spinal Health

    The health of your body is directly related to the health of your spine. Reeducate the natural curves of your spine, develop a healthy posture, and protect the central nervous system in this slow-moving practice.

  • Yoga for the Neck and Jaw

    Clenching, stiffness, and grinding are just some of the symptoms caused from tension stored in the neck, jaw hinge, and face. In this practice, we will relieve the stress stored in these areas.

  • Neck and Shoulder Release

    This yoga at work practice from Marla Waal is a beginner's class designed to help you shed the weight of the world and just let go.

  • Release Shoulders

    Through a sequence of prop-supported postures, we will release tension in the base of our necks and our shoulders. Please have a strap (or towel), chair, and two blocks nearby for this practice.

  • Release Hips and Lower Back

    Discover the chiropractor within you as you practice this set of gentle, floor-based postures that will help you let go of any tension stored in your hips and lower back. We recommend you have a strap and a bolster handy for this practice.

  • Yoga Therapy for the Back

    This therapeutic practice from Jeanie Manchester is an all-levels class designed to release discomfort and tightness at the bottom of your vertebral stack.

  • Back Care Yoga

    Help prevent and relieve back pain with this easy-to-follow practice.