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  • Get Lean

    This instructional practice leads you at a fast pace through twists, arm balances, and a handful of inversions - all with the intention of bringing you deeper into each pose one by one, side by side.

  • Yoga for Better Sex

    This hatha practice from Ashley Turner is an intermediate class designed to help you access greater freedom and fluidity.

  • Yoga To Enliven Sex Life

    This hatha practice from Samantha S. Brown is an all-levels class designed to empower your passion.

  • Guide to Yoga Twists

    Learn the basics for safe and effective twists. Twists are great for restoring mobility to the spine, bringing healthy blood flow to the organs and creating balance in the whole body. Props: Towel/blanket.

  • Breathe, Move & De-Stress

    An all around great practice for when you want to move the body, enliven your breath and let stress melt away. Slow, strong movements linked with long deep breaths will meet you in whatever state you are in and help bring you to a place of centered calm.

  • Angry Talk

    What do you do when you get angry? Spend twenty minutes learning how to better understand angry energy and what you can do in order to transform and purify it. Settle yourself through grounding practices that focus on moving energy down with exhalations.

  • Angry Practice

    Practice these simple tools offered in this class every day to know how to handle and use angry energy. Find ways to settle your energy with your breath and body, learning how to release peacefully, cooling down and chilling out when you need it most.

  • Midday Motion

    Open your body with the noontime sun using this 15-minute steady flow to generate and store energy. Focus on the act of rooting to rise with simple breathing through each posture, allowing you to become a beacon of peace and service for those around you.

  • Evening Relaxation

    Take time to transition from your day to night and then to sleep by unwinding with supported yoga poses designed to slowly relieve tension and tightness. This class is a great way to prepare your consciousness to enter a deep state of quietness and rest.

  • AM Restorative Pranayama

    When we wake up in the morning, we invite the breath into the body. In this practice, we will use restorative movement to nourish our body with this early pranic energy, preparing it for the day ahead.

  • Dawn Loves the Morning Ritual

    This vinyasa practice from Doug Swenson is an intermediate class designed to bring you into your day with awareness and joy.

  • Happy Heart Flow

    This vinyasa practice from Nicole Wienholt is an all-levels class designed to release stuck energy and open you to loving kindness.

  • Happy Joy Flow

    "Where attention goes, energy flows" is a common saying in yoga. Practice turning your attention towards gratitude to experience joy and mental well being. Open the side body, ribs and lungs to help create a feeling of lightness and freedom.

  • Sea Side Yoga Flow

    This power hatha practice from Michelle Trantina is a moderate class designed for rejuvenation and peace.

  • Short Hatha Flow

    This hatha practice from Marla Waal is an all-levels class designed to cut right to what you need for release and revitalization.

  • Power Flow

    This power hatha practice from Marla Waal is an intermediate class designed to help you give yourself a big boost.

  • Hip, Hip, Hooray!

    Join Desiree Rumbaugh and her student, Nicole, to learn some easy, great tips to release tension in the hips.

  • Reinventing the Wheel

    This tutorial from Desiree Rumbaugh is designed to dig more deeply into your wheel pose alongside your regular practice.

  • Clearing Out the Kinks Hatha Yoga

    This hatha practice from Kreg Weiss, B HKin, is a moderate class designed to help you identify and mobilize stuck energy.

  • Center to Start

    Get in touch with your physical and emotional center in this guided meditation with Rodney Yee. As you arch your attention inwards, you will encounter how the architecture of your true being is built simply out of peace, love, and light.

  • Anxiety Relief

    Release any anxiety stored in your body in this simple, prop-supported restorative yoga class with acclaimed yoga teacher Rodney Yee. Have a strap, two blocks, a blanket and a bolster at hand for this session.

  • Restorative Practice

    Unwind and realign your entire body in this restorative yoga class. Nourishing, prop-supported postures will help you tap into the subtle aspects of your physical and emotional self. Recommended Props: Strap, blanket, two blocks, chair.

  • Sleep Deep

    In this restorative practice made for the midnight, you will learn how to let go of the anxiety of awakeness with postures that quiet nervous system and a slow and steady breath.
    Please have two blankets and a chair nearby for this class.

  • Strong Mama Flow

    This hatha practice from Janet Stone is a moderate class designed for Mamas with limited time.