Morning Yoga

Morning Yoga

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Morning Yoga
  • Day 1 - Yoga For Your Week

    A practice for courage & connectivity, this is a perfect balance to open your week as you transition from the weekend. Rodney offers a way to center your awareness for the upcoming challenges of your Monday, and it all starts with apple picking.

  • Day 2 - Yoga For Your Week

    A practice for creating open energy in the body, Rodney takes you through a morning sequence that will stir your connection to the center of your world. Beginning with postures to help cleanse the body energy, Rodney then has you open your heart center.

  • Day 3

    A practice for the mid-week morning, Rodney continues the series with a rooting progression to counter all the opening progressions of the beginning to your week. Feel yourself continue to rise to the zenith of the week with positive intentions.

  • Day 4

    On Thursday mornings, we try not to get ahead of ourselves and begin the weekend too early, but the essence of Friday-eve begins swirling in our awareness. Rodney offers a practice to retain energy and composure for the shifts in your daily dance.

  • Day 5

    Quieting down into our serenity to start our Friday morning, this is a "TGIF" practice from Rodney. Let’s finish our week by settling in and back, coming low into our morning, to begin towards the finish line of your week with a grounding experience.

  • Morning Stretch

    Roll out of bed and onto your mat for this progressive sequence of postures that will wake up your mind, body and breath and leave you prepared for the day.

  • Easy Mornings

    Ashleigh starts off Season 2 with a morning routine that features some of her favorite moves, coordinated in a sequence that brings balance and energy into your body as you bring your awareness to the day ahead.

  • Wake and Stretch

    This 15-minute class is designed to slowly open your body using a chair to support your joints. Clear out the cobwebs to relieve tightness and to allow breath and energy to move freely through the body. Start your day being receptive and responsive.

  • Start Your Day Calm & Centered

    In this practice with acclaimed yoga teacher Rodney Yee, we will learn to anchor ourselves at the start of the day through grounding postures and work with balance postures to find steadiness even in uncertain circumstances.

  • AM Practice and Meditation

    Start the day from a foundation of peace and centeredness with this morning class led by Rodney Yee. We will wake up the body with gentle asanas and breathing exercises and conclude the class with a 10 minute seated meditation practice.

  • AM Restorative Pranayama

    When we wake up in the morning, we invite the breath into the body. In this practice, we will use restorative movement to nourish our body with this early pranic energy, preparing it for the day ahead.

  • A.M. Restorative

    Chart the path of the morning sun as you move from foundations of sleep & restoration, to an active & stable body energy for the day ahead. Rodney begins class as you wake up, incorporating the small distance between rest & awake with gentle flow.

  • Morning Energy

    Start your day with a 20-minute class designed to help you appreciate the interconnectedness of your body and the earth. Using a chair for support, wake up your body with motions that articulate your spine, elongate your muscles and fill you with joy.

  • Begin Your Day

    The act of meditation is the ultimate dedication to our true being. Together in meditation, we will notice the illusion of separation between yourself and the object of your dedication dissolve.

  • Better Than Coffee

    Sometimes our coffee buzz turns into a coffee comedown. In this caffeine-free, upbeat practice featuring Sun Salutations and dynamic Vinyasa, you will both generate energy and anchor it in your center.

  • Yoga Pilates Morning Mix

    This Pilates practice from Rachel Wainright is a level two class designed to bring asana to your mat for whole-self support.

  • Dawn Loves the Morning Ritual

    This vinyasa practice from Doug Swenson is an intermediate class designed to bring you into your day with awareness and joy.

  • Morning Vinyasa

    This vinyasa practice from Tommy Rosen is a beginner's class designed to bring the power of the morning into your back body.

  • Wakey Wakey

    This hatha vinyasa practice from Gina Caputo is an all-levels class designed to promote invigoration, focus and clarity.

  • Standing Pose

    Wake up with a slow-moving series of standing poses that balance the body and soul.

  • Twists

    Elongate your spine, release tension and quiet the mind with a series of simple twists.

  • Backbends

    Open your heart with a sequence of backbend poses designed to gradually stretch the back of your body.

  • Forward Bends

    Release your lower back with this soothing sequence of forward bends.

  • Hip Openers

    Release physical and emotional tension with a slow-flowing series of hip openers.