For Muscles

For Muscles

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For Muscles
  • Upper Body

    This 20-minute class focuses on building and retaining strength in your upper body with a sequence of accessible yoga postures. Use 2 blocks and a strap to work on strength-generating coordination, range of motion and rhythm with easy breathing.

  • Lower Body

    Use this class to focus on the strength of your lower body. Effective standing and balancing yoga postures will help you discover the strength and tenacity of the muscles in your lower body. Increase agility while being supported by 2 blocks and a strap.

  • Core

    Develop and retain the strength of your core with this 20-minute class designed to deepen the connection between your lower body and upper body. Learn how to integrate your core in familiar yoga postures for heightened awareness and muscle intelligence.

  • Restorative

    Everyone can benefit from a restorative practice. This short 12-minute class uses 3 supported postures with thoughtfully positioned props to encourage your body to relax by releasing muscles associated with the fight vs. flight response. Breathe easy.

  • Yoga for Your Recovery Day

    A gentle effective full body unwind to support muscle repair and cellular regeneration. Stretch your muscles, unwind kinks and finish with twists to balance the spine. Leave reset and ready for your next workout.

  • Easy Back & Legs

    Explore yoga postures to strengthen and lengthen the muscles of the legs in order to find stability and freedom in the low back. Use these movements regularly to build power and flexibility.

  • 10 Minute Core Activation

    Your core is more than just your abs, it is the center of your power. In this quick and powerful practice you will learn to activate your deep core muscles as well as your torso so that your lower body is strong and your upper body is free.

  • Whittle Your Middle

    Incorporates twists and balance postures that focus on toning muscles in the core. Lose excess fat and gain control and confidence.

  • Strength

    Build strength and tone muscle while working up to new, more challenging poses.

  • Strength Practice

    Designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group.

  • Power Yoga for Strength

    Power up your body and mind with this fast-moving flow sequence that works arms, back and abs to build strength that's balanced throughout all the large and small muscles.

  • Core Floor

    This hatha practice from Clara Roberts-Oss is a moderate class designed to rapidly access and strengthen your core muscles.