For Athletes

For Athletes

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For Athletes
  • Yoga for Your Recovery Day

    A gentle effective full body unwind to support muscle repair and cellular regeneration. Stretch your muscles, unwind kinks and finish with twists to balance the spine. Leave reset and ready for your next workout.

  • Yoga for Inflexible People

    Yoga is for everyone, especially if you are not flexible! Clean out the cobwebs of tight muscles and joints with this practice that restores elasticity. Using a chair as a prop, increase spinal movement and joint mobility while finding length and strength.

  • Focused Mind Peak Performance

    Present moment awareness is the key to excellent athletic performance. Yoga teaches the mind to focus and sync with the body in order to access this state of awareness. This slow-paced yet deeply strengthening practice will help you reach your peak.

  • Support Ankles and Knees

    This hatha practice from Ashleigh Sergeant is an all-levels class designed to help you rethink your relationship with your lower legs.

  • Open Hips, Heal Low Back

    This hatha practice from Ashleigh Sergeant is a moderate class designed to create space in the hips to alleviate lower, posterior tension.

  • Shoulders, Neck, Elbow

    This hatha practice from Ashleigh Sergeant is an all-levels class designed to loosen, lubricate and train, from the top down.

  • Yoga Flow for Athletes

    This vinyasa practice from Katie Brauer is a moderate class designed to benefit those with athletics-related imbalance and rigidity.

  • Yoga for Athletic Recovery

    This therapeutic practice from Katie Brauer is a moderate class designed to introduce breathing and movement for recovery from exercise routines.

  • Yoga for Foot Health

    In this gentle practice with Rodney Yee, you will take care of your toes, ankles, and feet and feel the nourishing vitality rise up from the earth through your body's roots.

  • Yoga for Lower Body Agility

    Develop strength and flexibility for the lower body while also training coordination and alignment. Improve the way you walk, run, stand, and sit, all while simultaneously benefiting your digestive system.

  • Yoga for the Core

    Your core is more than your abdominal muscles - it's also your lower back and the central axis of your entire body. Develop a core that is agile and centered to enjoy balance, strength, and the freedom to breathe.

  • Yoga for Upper Body Strength

    Develop more strength in your arms, chest, and upper back with a yoga class designed for overall conditioning of these target areas. Improve your posture, alignment, and learn how to integrate the upper body with breath.

  • Hamstrings

    This hatha practice from Kerri Kelly is an intermediate class designed to bring life into your hamstrings.

  • Root Down

    This hatha practice from Kerri Kelly is a moderate class designed to serve athletes' whole fitness.

  • Body Balance

    This hatha practice from Kerri Kelly is a moderate class designed to bring your alert top half into connection with your center.

  • Runners Cool Down

    This hatha practice from Jane Ellison is a moderate class designed to bring you down from the buzz of pounding pavement (or treadmill!) and reintroduce ease to your musculature.

  • Core Athletic Yoga Flow

    This hatha practice from Kreg Weiss is a moderate class designed to break up bad patterns in your lower body.

  • Warm-Up

    Join Kevin Love and his yoga instructor, Kent Katich, in this progressive warm-up that establishes the breath and body connection. Kent then takes Kevin through a dynamic sequence of yoga postures that build focus and improve flexibility.

  • Power & Core

    In this segment, Kent puts the focus on functional athletic movement and traditional yoga poses with a more active sequence that builds core strength.

  • Complete Body

    In segment 3, Kent Katich combines standing poses with traditional vinyasa flow. This challenging total body workout helps build concentration and focus while developing balance and stability.

  • Deep Stretch

    This calming, restorative post-workout cool-down with Kevin Love and Kent Katich focuses on hamstrings and hips while relaxing the whole body and aiding overall muscle recovery, upper and lower body strength, and endurance.

  • Shoulder Mobility

    Generate heat through the body with this dynamic

  • Strength & Movement

    steady practice featuring traditional yoga standing postures.

  • Focus & Balance

    Build balance and concentration through this slow and