Detox Yoga

Detox Yoga

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Detox Yoga
  • Twist and Flow

    Bend, twist and stretch your way to greater strength, fewer toxins and improved circulation.

  • Purify

    This intermediate practice burns calories and increases flexibility while removing tension through focused movement and breath.

  • Core Energy

    Strengthen, tone and energize your core with yoga poses that work your entire torso, so you can practice advanced postures more easily.

  • Dynamic Detox

    This vinyasa practice from Gina Caputo is a moderate class designed to release stuck energy and light you up.

  • Hot Detox Fusion

    This all levels Detox Hot Fusion with Jules Peláez blends traditional hot yoga with classic vinyasa sun salutations.

  • Core Detox

    This power yoga practice from Ashley Turner is a moderate class designed to build your power, beginning right in the middle of your body.

  • Yoga for Digestive Health

    Increase your capacity to both digest and absorb with this down-tempo practice that includes walking, twisting, and breathing exercises that will improve your internal health.
    Props: Blanket.

  • Yoga for Mental Clarity

    In this class you will fully engage your senses to discover a state of internal stillness. By doing gentle pranayama and finding drishti (yogic gaze), you will enter into a state of openness and intellectual calm, from which mental clarity can emerge.

  • Boost Your Immune System

    This hatha practice from Mara Branscombe is an intermediate class designed to release what stands between you and immune strength.

  • Yoga for Happiness

    This hatha practice from Samantha S. Brown is an all-levels class designed to promote joy.

  • Yoga For Computer Users

    This yoga at work practice from Samantha Brown is an all-levels class designed to open your hunched desk-chair body.

  • Happiness Flow

    This vinyasa practice from Amy Ippoliti is a moderate class designed to uplift your spirit and increase the space in your upper body.