Loosen Up Yoga

Loosen Up Yoga

3 Episodes

This series with Rodney Yee offers three 15-minute practices to help you transition throughout the day. Enjoy a gentle awakening in the morning, an energetic flow for midday, and a supportive practice to unwind and prepare your body and mind for rest.

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Loosen Up Yoga
  • Wake and Stretch

    Episode 1

    This 15-minute class is designed to slowly open your body using a chair to support your joints. Clear out the cobwebs to relieve tightness and to allow breath and energy to move freely through the body. Start your day being receptive and responsive.

  • Midday Motion

    Episode 2

    Open your body with the noontime sun using this 15-minute steady flow to generate and store energy. Focus on the act of rooting to rise with simple breathing through each posture, allowing you to become a beacon of peace and service for those around you.

  • Evening Relaxation

    Episode 3

    Take time to transition from your day to night and then to sleep by unwinding with supported yoga poses designed to slowly relieve tension and tightness. This class is a great way to prepare your consciousness to enter a deep state of quietness and rest.