Yoga for Your Week

Yoga for Your Week

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Yoga for Your Week
  • Day 1 - Yoga For Your Week

    A practice for courage & connectivity, this is a perfect balance to open your week as you transition from the weekend. Rodney offers a way to center your awareness for the upcoming challenges of your Monday, and it all starts with apple picking.

  • Day 2 - Yoga For Your Week

    A practice for creating open energy in the body, Rodney takes you through a morning sequence that will stir your connection to the center of your world. Beginning with postures to help cleanse the body energy, Rodney then has you open your heart center.

  • Day 3

    A practice for the mid-week morning, Rodney continues the series with a rooting progression to counter all the opening progressions of the beginning to your week. Feel yourself continue to rise to the zenith of the week with positive intentions.

  • Day 4

    On Thursday mornings, we try not to get ahead of ourselves and begin the weekend too early, but the essence of Friday-eve begins swirling in our awareness. Rodney offers a practice to retain energy and composure for the shifts in your daily dance.

  • Day 5

    Quieting down into our serenity to start our Friday morning, this is a "TGIF" practice from Rodney. Let’s finish our week by settling in and back, coming low into our morning, to begin towards the finish line of your week with a grounding experience.

  • A.M. Connection

    Wake up your muscles and get your body moving. You'll increase clarity and focus for the day ahead.

  • P.M. Release

    Release the stress of the day and gently unwind with this restorative practice that is the ideal ending to a busy day.

  • Energy

    Lose weight and feel great with this energizing flow designed to burn calories and increase creativity.

  • Strength

    Build strength and tone muscle while working up to new, more challenging poses.

  • Flexibility

    Improve flexibility and increase your range of motion. A great post-sport or post-run practice.