Upper Body

Upper Body

Upper body resistance within the strength training umbrella of workouts has a long list of benefits. While it helps you boost muscle strength and endurance in your arms, back, chest, and shoulders, it also helps you burn calories, reduce your risk of injury, and build stronger bones. For best results, try to do an upper body workout a few times a week

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Upper Body
  • Strong Back

    Designed to improve the stability, mobility and strength of your back. Train the muscles that support your spine on the front, back and sides of your body.

  • Kettlebell

    Everything you need for a total body workout. Use a kettlebell for upper and lower body strength exercises that also improve your cardiovascular fitness.

  • Arms

    This quick 20 minute routine will help you gain flexibility with your arms and shoulder joints

  • Arms & Abs Bodyweight Workout

    This 30 minute bodyweight workout will help you tone and slim down your arms, while tightening the mid-section.

  • Arms & Chest

    Sculpt your arms, shoulders and chest with this 20 minute HIIT workout.

  • Fearless Arms

    Join master FIRM instructor Rebekah Sturkie in a concentrated, high-powered 10-minute workout designed to sculpt your upper body. Recommended Equipment: Dumbbells

  • Living Room Circuit 1

    When you are on the go or short on time, a resistance band and your bodyweight is all you need to hit all your upper body muscles, circuit style.

  • Neck/Shoulders Pain

    A quick go-to practice to relieve stiff neck and shoulders and restore mobility and blood flow to the upper body. Props: Blanket.

  • Posture & Upper Body Workshop

    This dance fitness Pilates practice from Gillian Cofsky is a level two class designed to align and let flow.

  • Upper Body

    Discover the physical strength and emotional sensitivity of your upper body in this beginners' practice led by Rodney Yee that targets your arms, hands, wrists and shoulders. We recommend having two blocks available for this practice.

  • Upper Body

    This 20-minute class focuses on building and retaining strength in your upper body with a sequence of accessible yoga postures. Use 2 blocks and a strap to work on strength-generating coordination, range of motion and rhythm with easy breathing.

  • Upper Body

    Get stronger, more defined arms and chest with this 20 minute circuit.

  • Upper Body Chi

    Build strength and flexibility in the upper body using the ancient mind body principles of Chi. By using spiral movements with the muscles of the upper body, you will generate a healthy circulation of the mind's life force.

  • Upper Body HIIT

    Ashley Borden guides you through exercises designed to shape sleek arms and shoulders. This HIIT workout will leave your upper body burning and your heart rate racing.

  • Upper Body HIIT A

    Work on your upper body with HIIT in this workout.

  • Upper Body HIIT B

    Continue to work on your upper body with HIIT in this workout.

  • Upper Body Seated Stretch

    This yoga at work practice from Kreg Weiss is a beginner's class designed to alleviate tension and restore flow to stuck places in the body.

  • Upper Body Walk

    A walking workout to burn calories while working the upper body with a resistance band.

  • Yoga for Upper Body Strength

    Develop more strength in your arms, chest, and upper back with a yoga class designed for overall conditioning of these target areas. Improve your posture, alignment, and learn how to integrate the upper body with breath.