Getting Started (Yoga for Newbs)

Getting Started (Yoga for Newbs)

Gotta start somewhere! These are safe & fun practices from our BEST beginner teachers. You will learn why this 5,000-year old body posture practice has continued to thrive across the globe as a unique health routine that delivers a multitude of benefits. Find your way through what moves and sequences your body responds to, and sink in to the stretch!

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Getting Started (Yoga for Newbs)
  • Your First Yoga Class

    Feeling intimidated about taking a yoga class? Don't be! Everyone was a beginner once and Ashleigh shares all the things you need to know when planning to attend your first yoga class.

  • 3 Essential Yoga Poses

    Explore how to safely and effectively practice three of the most common yoga postures: downward dog, cobra and standing forward fold. Learn how to perform these poses with healthy alignment so you can avoid injury and increase strength and flexibility.

  • Why We Pose

    Billions of people have practiced yoga for over 5,000 years. Ashleigh presents a practice that looks into why such simple body movements, when choreographed with a conscious mind, can be so profound for our health and wellness.

  • Essential Poses

    Essentials for your day – As if you were by the seashore, listening to the waves of the ocean, this is your breath. An everyday-all-play yoga class, Rodney is at his best when offering something for everyone, while keeping your focus on the breath.

  • Guide to Balancing Poses

    This class will teach you the foundational techniques you need to know to establish, build and advance your balancing poses. Learn proper foot alignment, how to engage the legs and hips in and find strength and freedom in your back. Props: chair, block

  • Guide to Warrior Poses

    This class breaks down the basics and essentials for Warrior 1, 2 and 3 poses as well as alternative variations of each. Learn exercises to help open parts of the body that may be limiting your ability in these poses. Props: Towel/blanket, 1-2 blocks

  • Yoga Like No One's Watching

  • Beginner Class

    Returning to his roots and teaching with live students is something Rodney Yee is always excited about. In this program, Rodney combines both his love for studio teaching and the desire to show folks at home what a live class can look and feel like.

  • Balance and Burn

    This hatha vinyasa practice from Faith Hunter is an intermediate class designed to root you down and level you out.

  • Sweat It Out

    This vinyasa practice from Faith Hunter is an intermediate class designed to stoke your flames for sweet release.

  • Breath and Body

    This vinyasa practice from Faith Hunter is an all levels class designed to ease you into connecting inhale and exhale to asana.

  • Easy Back & Legs

    Explore yoga postures to strengthen and lengthen the muscles of the legs in order to find stability and freedom in the low back. Use these movements regularly to build power and flexibility.

  • Easy Neck & Shoulders

    Learn powerful tools to loosen the tight areas around the neck and shoulders that can cause restricted movement, headaches and fatigue. These practices can be used again and again to release stress and tension in order to find freedom and space.

  • Easy Mornings

    Ashleigh starts off Season 2 with a morning routine that features some of her favorite moves, coordinated in a sequence that brings balance and energy into your body as you bring your awareness to the day ahead.

  • Easy Twisting Yoga

    This one is all about twists and generating equilibrium in the mind and body. Twist to calm down, or twist to perk up, but explore the energy balance you can achieve in simply twisting with intention.

  • Easy Evenings

    Looking to wind down from a busy day and get ready for a restful sleep? In this simple 25-minute sequence, Ashleigh incorporates some ordinary home items into the practice, including a chair to put your feet up on at the end!

  • Connect

    Learn the fundamentals of connecting your breath and movement during yoga.

  • Energize

    Wake up and energize every cell in your body as you learn how to flow through poses.

  • Strengthen

    Build the strength you'll need to do more challenging yoga poses.

  • Chair

    Get extra support during your practice by using a chair as a prop.

  • Anusara: Come as You Are

    This hatha practice from Christine Price Clark is a moderate class designed to deeply detail the Anusara framework.

  • Build Confidence, Self-Love

    This Ashtanga power vinyasa practice from Ashley Turner is an intermediate class designed to open you to your truest, healthiest self.

  • Core Connection

    This Pilates practice from Coco Ferrari is a level two class designed to build your core, rear end and upper legs.

  • Strength and Tone

    This Ashtanga power vinyasa practice from Andrea Marcum is an intermediate class designed to make your newfound embodiment more noticeable.