Easy Stretching Yoga

Easy Stretching Yoga

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Easy Stretching Yoga
  • Improve your Balance

    Follow along with this routine to improve your body's balance.

  • Yoga for Better Sex

    This hatha practice from Ashley Turner is an intermediate class designed to help you access greater freedom and fluidity.

  • Total Body Stretch

    Improve your flexibility and muscle building potential with this 20 minute full body stretch routine.

  • Flex Express

    "Be durable, not vulnerable." It’s not really a workout like Pilates, or a flow of postures like a yoga class. These are 25-specific moves, about 1-minute each, arranged together to stretch & recover. Consider adding this program after any THNL episode.

  • A.M. Stretch

    Wake up to your day with AM Stretch. This easy-to-follow, gentle sequence stretches your muscles, improves your flexibility, increases range of motion in your joints, and releases tension and stress.

  • P.M. Stretch

    Soothe your tired muscles at the end of the day with a short stretching routine.

  • Yoga for Upper Body Strength

    Develop more strength in your arms, chest, and upper back with a yoga class designed for overall conditioning of these target areas. Improve your posture, alignment, and learn how to integrate the upper body with breath.

  • Yoga for Spinal Health

    The health of your body is directly related to the health of your spine. Reeducate the natural curves of your spine, develop a healthy posture, and protect the central nervous system in this slow-moving practice.

  • Yoga for Lower Body Agility

    Develop strength and flexibility for the lower body while also training coordination and alignment. Improve the way you walk, run, stand, and sit, all while simultaneously benefiting your digestive system.

  • Yoga for the Core

    Your core is more than your abdominal muscles - it's also your lower back and the central axis of your entire body. Develop a core that is agile and centered to enjoy balance, strength, and the freedom to breathe.

  • Yoga for Foot Health

    In this gentle practice with Rodney Yee, you will take care of your toes, ankles, and feet and feel the nourishing vitality rise up from the earth through your body's roots.

  • Asana at Work

    Bring your yoga practice with you to work! Restart the work day more energized, productive, and relaxed by waking up your spine with these simple chair-based postures.

  • Chair Practice

    For many years, Rodney has been offering "yoga in a chair" practices. The modifications and leverage provided by the chair have been innovated and expanded over the years and Rodney presents his latest techniques along with a few of his favorites.

  • A Quick Stretch

    This yoga practice from Clara Roberts-Oss is a beginner's class designed to quickly unlock stuck energy, whether you need it when you wake up or turn in for the night.

  • Core Floor

    This hatha practice from Clara Roberts-Oss is a moderate class designed to rapidly access and strengthen your core muscles.

  • Dynamic Detox

    This vinyasa practice from Gina Caputo is a moderate class designed to release stuck energy and light you up.

  • Increase Knee & Back Mobility

    Check in with your knee and back alignment with this quick 20 minute routine.

  • Love the Skin You Are In

    This vinyasa practice from Samantha S. Brown is a beginner's class designed to bring you to peace with loving yourself.

  • Quickie Stress Relief

    This dance fitness Pilates practice from Hemalayaa Behl is a level one class designed to quickly zip you into your happy place.

  • Seated Workday Refresher

    This yoga at work practice from Kreg Weiss, B HKin, is a beginner's class designed to provide quick refreshment, right in your desk chair.

  • Standing Poses for Spinal Health

    This hatha practice from Ashleigh Sergeant is a moderate class designed as one part of a sequence of classes focusing on spinal strength, wellness and stability.

  • Strong, Lean and Open Legs

    This fusion practice from Ashleigh Sergeant is a moderate class designed to build your lower body.

  • Total Body Mobility

    Improve your mobility throughout your entire body with these strength and balancing moves.

  • Travel Sequence

    This vinyasa practice from Jeanie Manchester is an all-levels class designed to alleviate typical discomforts picked up when we fly and commute.