Full Body

Full Body

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Full Body
  • Body Bing Boom

    BODY BING- BODY BOOM works through several series of sequenced moves, using only your own body weight. This class keeps your body and mind strong, sexy and healthy. You will be amazed by what your body can do! Equipment Used: Mat .

  • Explore-Beginner 1

    For older adults just starting or returning to exercise. Improve heart health, muscle endurance, strength, mobility, balance. Seated option featured.

  • Flow Barre: Total Body Bliss

    This fusion practice from Kate Kendall is a moderate class designed to free you up and work you all over.

  • Full Body Sculpt

    This power vinyasa practice from Ashley Turner is an intermediate class designed to tone the body and build mental fortitude.

  • Kettlebell

    Everything you need for a total body workout. Use a kettlebell for upper and lower body strength exercises that also improve your cardiovascular fitness.

  • Living Room Circuit 2

    When you are on the go or short on time, this fast and fun circuit class alternates 35 seconds of strength conditioning with 40 seconds of cardio exercises, using only your bodyweight and a chair.

  • Long and Lean

    LONG AND LEAN focuses on using different types of muscle contractions to build long, lean and strong muscles. This workout gives you an edge on sculpting the body you deserve!

  • Pilates To Tone Your Entire Body

    This Pilates practice from Rachel Wainwright is a level one class designed to bring everything into ideal placement.

  • Sculpt and Sweat

    SCULPT AND SWEAT uses both dumbbells and body weight to rev up your metabolic fire, get you sweaty, burn a ton of calories, and tighten and tone your upper body and abs. Equipment Used: Heavy Dumbbells, Mat

  • Simply Strong

    SIMPLY STRONG is designed to keep you healthy, active and vital. Using only your own body weight, these simple, effective moves will improve mobility, balance and flexibility. Equipment Used: Mat

  • Strength Builder

    Build total body strength with upper, lower, and total body exercises to fatigue your muscles.

  • Total Body Burn

    TOTAL BODY BURN sculpts your entire body through progressions that focus on your upper body, lower body and then combine everything to really feel the burn exactly where you want to feel it.

  • Total Body with Equipment

    20 minutes will fly by as you rotate through upper body, lower body and cardio exercises in this total body circuit. Grab a set of dumbbells and complete as many repetitions as possible (AMRAP) of each exercise.

  • Yoga for Better Sex

    This hatha practice from Ashley Turner is an intermediate class designed to help you access greater freedom and fluidity.

  • Ready to Sweat?

    This high-energy flow will torch calories and make you feel great, inside and out.

  • Strength Practice

    Designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group.

  • Strong Body, Strong Mind

    Learn strengthening postures combined with dynamic movement to exhilarate your mind and tone your entire body.

  • Fast Burn

    Squeeze in some calorie burning poses during your busy day.

  • HIIT it with Weights

    Brett Hoebel challenges you to intensify your body-weight workout with this dumbbell HIIT routine. Get ready to row, plank or squat with or without the extra resistance.

  • Bikini Body

    Join master FIRM instructor Emily Welsh in this 10-minute ultimate body-slimming, heart-pumping, cardio workout designed to give you a bikini-ready body fast.

  • Whole Body Bonus

    Join master FIRM instructor Rebekah Sturkie in a 10-minute, resistance-based, full-body challenge. Recommended Equipment: Dumbbells

  • Yoga Sequence of the Day with Yogi Nora: Rock n' Roll

    You'll rock and roll through this continuous flow, with Boat Pose at its core. It's a full-body workout that will increase your stamina and leave you feeling strong and confident.