"Wellbeats offers a unique workout experience that users can enjoy at the gym, office, home or on-the-go." - Jason Von Bank, CEO

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  • Kettlebell

    Everything you need for a total body workout. Use a kettlebell for upper and lower body strength exercises that also improve your cardiovascular fitness.

  • Lower Body

    20 minutes to train your entire lower body. 45 seconds to complete as many repetitions of each exercise as possible (AMRAP) followed by 15 seconds of rest. Add in a few quick cardio bursts and you have a circuit focused on making your lower body stronger!

  • Strength Builder

    Build total body strength with upper, lower, and total body exercises to fatigue your muscles.

  • Kickboxing

    Perform fundamental kickboxing punches and kicks to burn calories and improve your overall fitness.

  • Total Body with Equipment

    20 minutes will fly by as you rotate through upper body, lower body and cardio exercises in this total body circuit. Grab a set of dumbbells and complete as many repetitions as possible (AMRAP) of each exercise.

  • HIIT Cardio

    In this High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) circuit, you will be challenged to drive your intensity and heart rate up for 30 seconds, followed by 30 seconds to rest. If you are looking to go as hard as you can and see what your body can do, this 20 minute circuit is the one for you!

  • Strong Back

    Designed to improve the stability, mobility and strength of your back. Train the muscles that support your spine on the front, back and sides of your body.

  • Cardio Core

    Complete workout for your heart and core with cardio pushes between each core exercise.

  • HIIT & Tabata

    Push yourself in this fast-paced HIIT circuit with a Tabata kicker at the end. This intense, calorie-blasting workout includes a 3-minute core cool down.

  • African Safari

    Take an imaginary trip to interact with the animals of Africa in their ‘homes.' Explore movements of the elephant, cheetah, lion, crocodile, frog, snake, monkey, zebra and flamingo.

  • Start-Stop-Core

    Work on strengthening and balancing the muscles needed for power, cutting and speed at the same time, important when you‘re in the game so you can play your best.

  • Super Heroes

    Welcome to Training Camp, where you get to choose 1 of 5 Super Powers such as Strength, Light and Electricity. Use these powers plus special moves to help battle and beat the villains.

  • Mission to Mars

    Take an imaginative trip through outer space as part of a shuttle crew to Mars. Explore Mars using your body in different ways- jump craters, feel gravity and meet Martians.

  • Game Time

    Get ready to excel in any sport with exercises and drills that focus on getting your muscles to ‘fire' when you need them the most, especially to increase speed and reaction time.

  • Beat Down

    BEAT DOWN is calorie blasting and a whole lot of fun. Combinations of bobs, weaves, punches and kicks that will ‘beat down' any unwanted stress, fat and calories.

  • Circuit Crazy

    CIRCUIT CRAZY takes you through circuit blocks of pure strength exercises. Move non-stop, shifting from upper to lower body, which will push you to a whole new fitness level. Equipment Used: Light, Medium & Heavy Dumbbells, Mat

  • Explore-Beginner 1

    For older adults just starting or returning to exercise. Improve heart health, muscle endurance, strength, mobility, balance. Seated option featured.

  • Simply Strong

    SIMPLY STRONG is designed to keep you healthy, active and vital. Using only your own body weight, these simple, effective moves will improve mobility, balance and flexibility. Equipment Used: Mat

  • Long and Lean

    LONG AND LEAN focuses on using different types of muscle contractions to build long, lean and strong muscles. This workout gives you an edge on sculpting the body you deserve!

  • Sculpt and Sweat

    SCULPT AND SWEAT uses both dumbbells and body weight to rev up your metabolic fire, get you sweaty, burn a ton of calories, and tighten and tone your upper body and abs. Equipment Used: Heavy Dumbbells, Mat

  • Body Bing Boom

    BODY BING- BODY BOOM works through several series of sequenced moves, using only your own body weight. This class keeps your body and mind strong, sexy and healthy. You will be amazed by what your body can do! Equipment Used: Mat .

  • Living Room Circuit 1

    When you are on the go or short on time, a resistance band and your bodyweight is all you need to hit all your upper body muscles, circuit style.

  • Living Room Circuit 2

    When you are on the go or short on time, this fast and fun circuit class alternates 35 seconds of strength conditioning with 40 seconds of cardio exercises, using only your bodyweight and a chair.

  • Total Body Burn

    TOTAL BODY BURN sculpts your entire body through progressions that focus on your upper body, lower body and then combine everything to really feel the burn exactly where you want to feel it.