7-Week Weight Loss Challenge

7-Week Weight Loss Challenge

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Navigate yourself to the right skill level calendar, then follow along each day with your prescribed workout. Each day's workout for each level is located in the drop-down menu on the series page here! WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE 2020: This one is designed to help all abilities and all body shapes focus on weight loss through healthy activity and healthy lifestyle tips. Crafted with precise diligence, this collection is part of the "Best of Gaiam TV" series, and there will always be three distinct fitness levels to consider in each workout or practice. This design has two-workouts per-day as the default, a morning and afternoon session tailored to your level. The goal is to workout for at least 25 days per month, 22 at least. See if you can get two-a-day in, but always consult your physician to see if these exercises are correct for your body. Download one of the PDF calendars and choose your own adventure, marking off each workout that you complete on the calendar!

Healthy Tip #101: Having a fitness parter committed to the same journey and program format as you can increase your success rates, happiness, confidence, and overall well-being. Is there a friend or partner that might take the challenge with you? Simply texting back and forth that you've completed your workouts or practices for each day can amplify the accountability you seek to complete this challenge and see the results you are energized towards by even being on this digital page in the first place. Self-motivation and social-motivation can team up on this experience, use your talents, make your goals!

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7-Week Weight Loss Challenge
  • Core Walk

    Episode 1

    A workout with cardio conditioning and core tightening.

  • Pelvic Core Sequence

    Episode 2

    This foam roller sequence focuses on the pelvic floor and will help you gain strength, resiliency and flexibility in the pelvic floor which will help you to access your core muscles to feel more stable, balanced and more rejuvenated.

  • Cardio Core

    Episode 3

    Complete workout for your heart and core with cardio pushes between each core exercise.

  • Triple Core Cardio

    Episode 4

    "Boom, boom, boom." The abs on this group, wow. Each section has two core moves & a cardio move. With over 50 minutes to this episode, can you keep up? Maybe not the first few times, but you’ll get there. Consider a partner to help keep you motivated.

  • FIRM and Flat Abs

    Episode 5

    This versatile workout incorporates functional moves that mimic everyday life. Step, chop, and lunge your way to a stronger, leaner core.

  • Flat Belly Sculptor

    Episode 6

    Flatten your abs from the inside out with moves that flow so efficiently and effectively you'll feel your core tightening as you work out.

  • Core
    Episode 7


    Episode 7

    Strengthen your core, and tighten your tummy with this 20 minute ab routine

  • Total Core

    Episode 8

    This workout is all about the core.

  • 20-Minute Abs

    Episode 9

    Develop a strong, sexy core with this waistline workout that incorporates cardio drills to burn fat while sculpting a sexy midsection.

  • Strong Core Barre Workout

    Episode 10

    This 20 minute Barre workout will tighten and tone your core so you can get closer to having those dancer abs.

  • Pilates Inspired Core Workout

    Episode 11

    This Pilates practice from Rachel Wainwright is a level two class designed to help you give yourself power and room to operate more fully.

  • Pilates for Abs

    Episode 12

    Pilates Abs Workout helps slim and strengthen those core muscles. Certified Pilates instructor Ana Cabán guides a sequence of highly efficient and challenging exercises, focusing on form and precise movement.

  • Creative Core Abdominal Workout

    Episode 13

    This Pilates practice from Rachel Wainwright is a level two class designed to quickly tighten your center.

  • Core Floor

    Episode 14

    This hatha practice from Clara Roberts-Oss is a moderate class designed to rapidly access and strengthen your core muscles.

  • ABSolutely Core

    Episode 15

    ABSolutely CORE takes typical core exercises to the next level. Alternating between total body moves and leg exercises, with some targeted ab toning, you'll get your burn on! Equipment Used: Step & Riser, Towel, Medium to Heavy Dumbbell