Lauren Roxburgh - The Celebrity Body Whisperer #LoRox

Lauren Roxburgh - The Celebrity Body Whisperer #LoRox

Lauren Roxburgh is an international best-selling author, speaker and wellness educator who is often dubbed “The Body Whisperer". A board certified Structural Integration practitioner with a degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, Lauren is known as an expert on all things fascia and body alignment.

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Lauren Roxburgh - The Celebrity Body Whisperer #LoRox
  • Rise and Shine Rolling Sequence

    A 18 minute foam roller sequence is designed to rejuvenate you and fire up your metabolism when you first wake up and set your body and mind up for the day.

  • Travel Roller Stress Containers

    This sequence using the mini travel foam roller focuses on Lauren Roxburgh's concept of ‘stress containers' in the body (areas we hold tension) and is designed to help release stress and tension from these 5 specific areas of the body.

  • Travel Roller Waist Shrinking

    In this sequence Lauren Roxburgh uses the travel roller to prepare you to feel confident, sexy, relaxed and pain free during travel, with a particular focus on tightening the waist and core.

  • Travel Roller: Booty Lifting

    Lauren Roxburgh shows how to tone and lift your booty with a foam roller sequence that will roll away stress, tension, flush toxins and activate and tone the muscles of the booty.

  • Travel Roller: Jet Lag

    Lauren Roxburgh uses the mini travel foam roller to show you how to ease jet lag when you are traveling and get a good night's sleep.

  • Lower Back Sequence

    The purpose of this foam roller sequence is to reduce tension and pain in the lower back. The moves will help bring back circulation and blood flow, reduce inflammation and increase flexibility to make you feel a little lighter and to alleviate pain in the lower back.

  • Mat Core Sequence 30

    A 30 minute mat core sequence that does not include the roller. This sequence is designed to engage the core and create space and connection.

  • Pelvic Core Sequence

    This foam roller sequence focuses on the pelvic floor and will help you gain strength, resiliency and flexibility in the pelvic floor which will help you to access your core muscles to feel more stable, balanced and more rejuvenated.

  • Psoas Rejuvenating Sequence

    Lauren Roxburgh shares what the psoas really is and how to active it to create balance in your body. She rolls you through a sequence that focuses on the psoas to better stabilize and connect your upper body to your lower body and to draw your waist in.

  • Energizing Breathwork

    This short 6 minute breathwork sequence is designed to get you breathing deeply which will help you ditch stress and flush fat.

  • Releasing Negative Energy

    This short sequence allows you to take some time to clear your energy, clear the blockages and release the tension of the day while bringing awareness to the breath to help us deepen the connection to our body and release stress.

  • Sleeping Beauty Sequence

    Sleep is vital for overall health. This short foam roller sequence is great to help your body unwind, to release stress and tension and to release any structural tension that builds out throughout the day.

  • Energizing Cardio Rebounder

    This rebounder workout is the perfect supplement to add to your rolling routine and helps you warm up the body, ‘ring out' the organs, open up diaphragm and lungs, and feel more grounded in the body.

  • Fat Flushing Rebounder Sequence

    This rebounder workout is the ultimate fat burning fat flushing workout to rev up your cardiovascular endurance and help you flush fat more efficiently.

  • Roll & Rebound for Glowing Skin

    A workout that combines foam rolling and rebounding to rev up your metabolism and get you looking glowing - ideal for before a big night out or event.

  • Roll & Rebound to Burn Fat

    Combining both foam rolling and rebounding, this workout will give you the best benefits to burn fat and reduce cellulite by using the roller to smooth connective tissue and strengthen the muscles and the rebounder to burn fat.