Health experts have continued to learn from each other over the years, and the science they are working with is fascinating. Take a break from your workouts to knowledge up on some of the most important health information from Dr. Miranda Wiley and holistic nutritionist, Kate Leinweber.

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  • Healthy pH

    Diet, digestion, and organ function can all influence the pH levels of various fluids within our body. Enzymes have narrow pH ranges in which they function optimally, so maintaining a balanced pH is essential for maximal health.

  • Blood Sugar Balance

    This talk seeks to explain the potential for harm caused by chronically elevated blood sugar levels or erratic blood sugar swings.

  • Gluten

    Explore the role of gluten in the diet to determine if avoidance may be of benefit for your own health.

  • Bone Health

    Understand a more holistic approach to developing and maintaining strong bones. Through quality of diet, the power of digestion, hormonal balance, stress management, and immune system optimization, we can all hope to achieve maximum bone health

  • Cleansing and Detox

    As Dr. Miranda Wiley explains, the body is inherently a self-cleansing organism. Learn the various roles of each organ involved in regular detoxification so that you can better optimize their function.

  • Friendly Flora

    Join Dr. Miranda Wiley in this episode of Achieving Optimum Health on Friendly Flora: Your Unseen Protective Force. Learn how most every aspect of your body's balance relies on a healthy microbiome.

  • Quality Fats

    One of the greatest myths in nutrition is that fat is bad. Fats are in fact healthy for you. Learn how and why fats are essential as well as how to find the best sources of fat for optimum wellness.

  • Improve Metabolism

    This segment will educate on ways to improve metabolism with the goal of losing weight.

  • Right Food for Busy Life

    Learn how to eat healthy on the go. This video is great for busy people and mom. Eating the right foods will supply the energy needed to keep up with their busy lifestyles.

  • Weight Loss

    Learn about optimizing digestion. This is great for people looking to lose weight or with digestive issues.

  • The Sweet Tooth

    Learn about approaches on how to reducing sugar cravings.

  • Lose the Belly Fat

    Learn about adrenal fatigue and its relationship with belly fat. This video is great for those who are tired, burnt out, and overweight especially in the mid-line.

  • Intuitive Eating

    Nutritionist Kate Leinweber discuses how to eat intuitively and with presence in order to be more mindful of diet choices. This video is great for understanding weight gain, to lose weight and gain energy through diet and nutrition.

  • Relationship to Food

    Discover eating with your intuition. Nutritionist Kate Leinweber will be discussing the patterns we form around eating. By beginning to listen to our intuition, we can start eating in a way that will benefit our body.

  • Cause of Weight Gain

    Join Kate Leinweber in this episode of A Healthier You on The Sweet Cause of Weight Gain. You know sugar hurts your diet, but what you don't know could be ruining your health and lifestyle.

  • Fad Diets

    Join Kate Leinweber in this episode of A Healthier You on Fad Diets. Learn to focus on nutritious eating instead of scales and scare tactics.

  • Good Food Into Kids

    Join Kate Leinweber in this episode of A Healthier You on How to Get Good Food into Your Kids. Sometimes it takes a little trickery, but avoiding processed foods pays off with less picky kids.

  • Hormones & Energy

    Join Kate Leinweber in this episode of A Healthier You on Hormones and Energy. Learn why mornings are such a challenge and where that afternoon crash comes from.

  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety

    Join Kate Leinweber in this episode of A Healthier You to Reduce Stress and Anxiety. Explore food's ability to balance your mind and body.

  • Proper Nutrition

    Join Kate Leinweber in this episode of A Healthier You on Proper Nutrition for Improving Concentration. Could the secret to focus be on the ingredients list?

  • Interview

    In this interview, Rodney sits down with Bhakti White, a yoga student and teacher for the past 30 years. Currently in a "plus-size" body, Bhakti talks about being present, listening, letting go of "normal", and how she felt the first time in the studio.