Yoga For New Moms (Pre & Postnatal)

Yoga For New Moms (Pre & Postnatal)

Prenatal yoga can be a great way to prepare for childbirth. Did you know that prenatal yoga might also help you prepare for labor and promote your baby's health? Before you start prenatal yoga, understand the range of possible benefits, as well as important safety tips from your health care provider. Postpartum? Help your body handle the new demands of caring for your baby. Developing strength in abdominal and back muscles reduces postpartum back pain & stress.

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Yoga For New Moms (Pre & Postnatal)
  • Prenatal Yoga: Open Your Body, Connect to Your Baby

    In this prenatal yoga class, Mara helps increase your energy and vitality during this precious time. The more you can release tension, the better for you and your baby inside.

  • Gentle Prenatal Flow

    This pre/post-natal hatha practice from Jennifer Wolfe More is an all-levels class designed for grounding down into motherhood.

  • Ignite Your Mama Shakti

    This pre/post-natal practice from Mara Branscombe is a beginner's class designed to light up the mama within you.

  • Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga

    This prenatal vinyasa practice from Jennifer More is a moderate class designed to not only help you maintain your healthy musculature, but connect with a new way of being as a mother.

  • Strong Mama Flow

    This hatha practice from Janet Stone is a moderate class designed for Mamas with limited time.

  • Mamma's Healing Postnatal Practice

    This pre/post-natal practice from Jasmine Tarkeshi is a beginner's class designed to rebuild your new mom body gently and with intention.

  • Mother's Body

    This effective practice incorporates stretching and toning poses to firm up and strengthen the body after pregnancy. Calming moves soothe your baby while you get fit and bring gentle flow to both of your lives.

  • Rising Up

    Standing poses strengthen and lengthen muscles to quickly regain your pre-baby shape. This flow practice generates heat to burn calories while energizing the mind and body. Includes gentle rocking and connecting with baby.

  • Core Practice

    This sequence focuses on strengthening the core and regaining muscle tone. Gentle lifts and resistance work allow you to bond with your baby throughout the routine.

  • Daily Destressors

    With your baby seated in your lap or in front of you, practice a soothing series of mudra meditations and breathwork designed to calm, nourish and restore your body, mind and spirit. Perfect for those sleepy days when you need to recharge.