Rodney Yee Beginner Series

Rodney Yee Beginner Series

Taking his first yoga class in 1980, Rodney Yee is now one of the most recognized yoga teachers in the world and is considered a pioneer of yoga in the United States. Rodney practices and teaches yoga to bring philosophy into action and to unveil the natural beauty of our spirits. He loves the ability of yoga to cleanse the mind and body which allows for presence of being.

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Rodney Yee Beginner Series
  • Basics

    Rodney Yee walks you through the basic yoga poses in a slower-paced routine. This practice includes mountain, plank and cobra, and guides you through simple bends and twists.

  • Flexibility

    Focus on building flexibility in the body. Stretch the body slowly and deeply with this relaxing practice that focuses on increasing your range of motion.

  • Energy

    A perfect way to start the day, with Rodney Yee! These gentle yoga sequences will get your blood flowing and draw energy up and through the body.

  • Relaxation

    Transition from your busy day to a series of slow, mindful movements allowing you to calm the mind and release stress. Take it down, one pose at a time.

  • Express

    Short on time? Rodney Yee STILL has you covered! Even if you only have 10 minutes, this short practice will give you the poses you need to have a well-rounded practice. Perfect for the yogi on the go!

  • How to Stand

    Rethink how you stand by examining your habits. Use this 20-minute class to observe, creating variations that help your body to be symmetrical and fluid. Understand how you stand, increase your sensitivity and remind yourself that it's actually fun!

  • How to Sit

    So much of our modern life involves sitting, so it's important to do it well. Use this 20-minute practice to understand and change your sitting posture, whether in a chair or on the ground. Remember that sitting is circular, receiving and giving back.

  • How to Lie Down

    Because Savasana is one of the greatest poses in your practice, learning how to lie down properly is key. When done with technique and awareness, you provide your body with a position that is relaxed and receptive. Play with variations as you settle in.

  • Breathe and Move

    Learn how to marry your breath and movement with a simple yoga practice that builds on the first two classes in this series. Internationally acclaimed yoga teacher Rodney Yee shows you how to make the breath the conductor of your yoga practice.

  • Learn the Poses

    Internationally acclaimed yoga teacher Rodney Yee teaches you an array of basic yoga poses-from mountain pose to Savasana-that will prepare you to take on your next studio class or in-home practice session.

  • Learn to Breathe

    Focusing on your breath is critical to any yoga practice. Join acclaimed yoga teacher Rodney Yee as you learn to tune into how your body is moved by your breath-and how this awareness affects your practice, poses, and perception of the world.

  • Breathing

    In this beginners class led by acclaimed teacher Rodney Yee, you will learn to sync your motion with the rhythm of your breath and how to ride this current throughout your yoga asana practice

  • Sun Salutations

    In this class, Rodney offers a variety of modifications of the traditional Sun Salutation sequence to accommodate different body types and special circumstances. We recommend having two blocks available for this practice.

  • Twisting Breath

    While breathing during twisting postures may seem difficult at first, Rodney Yee will teach you to find space in these poses for the breath to flow.

  • Upper Body

    Discover the physical strength and emotional sensitivity of your upper body in this beginners' practice led by Rodney Yee that targets your arms, hands, wrists and shoulders. We recommend having two blocks available for this practice.

  • Pose Guide

    In this Body Positive Pose Guide, Rodney takes a student through a variety of standing and seated postures, as well as inversions and balancing poses, focusing on alignment and how to find more space and ease in the body so that yoga feels good.

  • Beginners Practice

    In this 20-minute class, you will be guided through essential yoga poses to create space and mobility. Focusing on alignment, you will learn how to observe how you feel inside your body. Practice regularly to remember that your body truly is a gift.

  • Restorative Practice

    In this 20-minute restorative class, you will use props, including a chair, to help you enjoy a meditative experience. Using the body to help you stay grounded in the present, you will release tension, finding the quiet you need to receive breath and life.

  • Interview

    In this interview, Rodney sits down with Bhakti White, a yoga student and teacher for the past 30 years. Currently in a "plus-size" body, Bhakti talks about being present, listening, letting go of "normal", and how she felt the first time in the studio.

  • No Time 1

    In this short 10-minute practice, you'll learn how to get in your yoga whether you're short on time or away from home. Using a chair and a short walking meditation, you'll oil the joints of your body, using breath and movement to create subtle strength.

  • No Time 2

    In this 10-minute practice, you'll learn more ways to practice yoga when you're short on time. Using simple movements that range from sitting in a chair to standing on the ground, you'll relieve congestion in the back body to create an internal radiance.

  • Focus Practice

    In this 15-minute class designed to refine your focus and your practice, you'll maintain your attention on one specific object, learning how to gaze intently with a relaxed focus. Move mindfully through the sequence to steady your mind, heart and body.

  • Creativity Practice

    Be refreshed in this 15-minute practice designed to awaken your creativity. Focusing on the hips, discover creative ways to move and explore familiar poses and movements on your mat. Trust yourself and your intuition by leaving your agenda at the door!

  • Gentle Flow Practice #1

    Find space in your body in this 15-minute gentle flow yoga class guided by Rodney Yee. By staying close to your mat the entire class and following your breath with each movement, you will open your body while retaining a sense of grounding and support.