David-Dorian Ross - T'ai Chi

David-Dorian Ross - T'ai Chi

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David-Dorian Ross - T'ai Chi
  • Main

    Get an overview of the ancient practice of T'ai Chi.

  • Discussion

    Learn more about the practice of T'ai Chi with this discussion with David Dorian-Ross.

  • Section 1

    This first part of this daily practice routine covers movements such as Open the Door, Parting the Wild Horse's Mane, The White Crane Spreads its Wings and Playing the Guitar.

  • Section 2

    Continue working on movements from Section 1, while adding movements such as Grasping the Bird's Tail and High Pat on Horse.

  • Section 3

    Finish learning the movements for the daily practice routine, adding movements such as Opening the Arms like a Fan, Looking for the Needle at the Bottom of the Sea and Closing the Door.

  • Lower Body Chi for Beginners

    Align your spine, control your breathing, spark your powers of visualization, and strengthen your lower body. David-Dorian Ross, Tai Chi Champion, guides you through to improve the balance of your body and mind, as well as physical balance.

  • Upper Body Chi

    Build strength and flexibility in the upper body using the ancient mind body principles of Chi. By using spiral movements with the muscles of the upper body, you will generate a healthy circulation of the mind's life force.

  • A.M. Chi

    Energizing Chi to get your day started with a burst of energy with host David Dorian Ross.

  • Introduction

    An overview of what David Dorian-Ross will cover in this comprehensive series.

  • Entering the Flow

    Learn the first two principles of T'ai Chi – Slow Down and Relax – as you learn the first two T'ai Chi moves in your flow.

  • Find the Still Point

    Move on to the next two T'ai Chi principles – Sink Down/Stay Down and Be Neutral – while you learn the next three moves in your flow.

  • Create Balance

    Learn the next two principles to balance your energy.

  • Final Flow

    Discover the final four moves that complete your routine. Watch then as all nine moves are put together in an easy-to-follow flow that you can master and practice daily.