Ashleigh Sergeant

Ashleigh Sergeant

Growing up with a yoga teacher as her mother, Ashleigh began her exploration of yoga at an early age, dedicated to the pursuit of healing a lifelong spine condition. Now, living a pain free and spiritually empowered life, Ashleigh is dedicated to sharing the healing power of yoga with the world.

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Ashleigh Sergeant
  • Guide to Balancing Poses

    This class will teach you the foundational techniques you need to know to establish, build and advance your balancing poses. Learn proper foot alignment, how to engage the legs and hips in and find strength and freedom in your back. Props: chair, block

  • Guide to Warrior Poses

    This class breaks down the basics and essentials for Warrior 1, 2 and 3 poses as well as alternative variations of each. Learn exercises to help open parts of the body that may be limiting your ability in these poses. Props: Towel/blanket, 1-2 blocks

  • Guide to Yoga Twists

    Learn the basics for safe and effective twists. Twists are great for restoring mobility to the spine, bringing healthy blood flow to the organs and creating balance in the whole body. Props: Towel/blanket.

  • Your First Yoga Class

    Feeling intimidated about taking a yoga class? Don't be! Everyone was a beginner once and Ashleigh shares all the things you need to know when planning to attend your first yoga class.

  • 3 Essential Yoga Poses

    Explore how to safely and effectively practice three of the most common yoga postures: downward dog, cobra and standing forward fold. Learn how to perform these poses with healthy alignment so you can avoid injury and increase strength and flexibility.

  • Easy Back & Legs

    Explore yoga postures to strengthen and lengthen the muscles of the legs in order to find stability and freedom in the low back. Use these movements regularly to build power and flexibility.

  • Easy Neck & Shoulders

    Learn powerful tools to loosen the tight areas around the neck and shoulders that can cause restricted movement, headaches and fatigue. These practices can be used again and again to release stress and tension in order to find freedom and space.

  • Guided Deep Relaxation

    A laying down, guided relaxation practice that will clear your mind and allow your body to rest deeply. It is said this practice of yoga nidra is equivalent to 2 hours of deep sleep!

  • Meditation for Emotional Balance

    A short, yet extremely effective practice to help you find a sense of steadiness in the midst of fluctuating emotions.

  • Meditation for Stressful Days

    Learn to find an inner state of calm that can transform your stress into power.

  • Meditation for Loneliness

    A meditation practice that immediately takes you back to the remembrance that you are not alone and that you are always supported and connected to those you love.

  • Breathe, Move & De-Stress

    An all around great practice for when you want to move the body, enliven your breath and let stress melt away. Slow, strong movements linked with long deep breaths will meet you in whatever state you are in and help bring you to a place of centered calm.

  • Yoga Tone Butt & Abs

    Activate, tone and sculpt your legs, glutes and abs in this strength based yoga class using light weights. Expect repetition, long holds and plyometrics (jumps) to strengthen and shape your body. Props: kettlebell, ankle weights, resistance band.

  • Yoga Like No One's Watching

  • Morning Stretch

    Roll out of bed and onto your mat for this progressive sequence of postures that will wake up your mind, body and breath and leave you prepared for the day.

  • Lunchtime Stretch

    Find some relief whether you have been sitting at a desk or standing on your feet all morning. This sequence will reverse the effects of habitual work postures so you can you digest lunch and return to work energized and alert.

  • Evening Stretch

    Wind down at the end of the day in order to move towards relaxation and eventually sleep. Use this sequence to help unwind the body and calm the mind and relieve any excess tension before heading to bed. Props: chair, bolster.

  • Back Pain

    A quick go-to practice to relieve back pain and return mobility and blood flow to the spine.

  • Neck/Shoulders Pain

    A quick go-to practice to relieve stiff neck and shoulders and restore mobility and blood flow to the upper body. Props: Blanket.

  • Hips/Legs Pain

    A quick go-to practice to relieve tight, aching hips and legs and bring healthy circulation back into the joints. Props: Strap, two blocks.