Andre Bolourchi - HIIT Specialist

Andre Bolourchi - HIIT Specialist

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Andre Bolourchi - HIIT Specialist
  • Cardio HIIT Endurance

    Test your cardio endurance with this 60 minute HIIT workout that will improve your strength and cardio capacity.

  • HIIT Body Blast

    This HIIT routine works your entire body, toning your muscles while improving your cardio capacity.

  • Strength & Stability HIIT

    With this 30 minute HIIT workout you'll work your entire body, building strength and balance.

  • Total Body HIIT

    Grab a pair of dumbbells for this 30 minute, full body calorie blast HIIT workout.

  • Lower Body

    Sculpt lean, strong legs with this 20 minute HIIT circuit for your lower body

  • Upper Body

    Get stronger, more defined arms and chest with this 20 minute circuit.

  • Core

    Strengthen your core, and tighten your tummy with this 20 minute ab routine

  • Abs Circuit

    Try this core circuit if you're new to working out. It will help strengthen your abs, while burning calories.

  • Arms & Chest

    Sculpt your arms, shoulders and chest with this 20 minute HIIT workout.

  • Lean Legs

    This short HIIT workout will help define your legs and tighten your booty while improving your endurance.