HIIT for beginners & for the lower-impact abilities, these are some of our favorite routines that can help you progress into your own ability at your own pace.

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  • Cardio HIIT Endurance

    Test your cardio endurance with this 60 minute HIIT workout that will improve your strength and cardio capacity.

  • HIIT Body Blast

    This HIIT routine works your entire body, toning your muscles while improving your cardio capacity.

  • Strength & Stability HIIT

    With this 30 minute HIIT workout you'll work your entire body, building strength and balance.

  • Total Body HIIT

    Grab a pair of dumbbells for this 30 minute, full body calorie blast HIIT workout.

  • Abs Circuit

    Try this core circuit if you're new to working out. It will help strengthen your abs, while burning calories.

  • Arms & Chest

    Sculpt your arms, shoulders and chest with this 20 minute HIIT workout.

  • Lean Legs

    This short HIIT workout will help define your legs and tighten your booty while improving your endurance.

  • HIIT & Tabata

    Push yourself in this fast-paced HIIT circuit with a Tabata kicker at the end. This intense, calorie-blasting workout includes a 3-minute core cool down.

  • HIIT Cardio

    In this High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) circuit, you will be challenged to drive your intensity and heart rate up for 30 seconds, followed by 30 seconds to rest. If you are looking to go as hard as you can and see what your body can do, this 20 minute circuit is the one for you!

  • MMA Basic Workout

    "Can you make it to the water break?" Work your way through this basic progression of cardio kickboxing and martial arts moves. Tony keeps your form in check as you punch and kick your way through 45-minutes of power. Keep that heart-rate up!

  • Triple Core Cardio

    "Boom, boom, boom." The abs on this group, wow. Each section has two core moves & a cardio move. With over 50 minutes to this episode, can you keep up? Maybe not the first few times, but you’ll get there. Consider a partner to help keep you motivated.

  • Enduro Strength

    "When it burns, you'll know." A spirited resistance workout to challenge your form & function, without heavy weights & high-speeds. This one asks for you to focus on the technique to accomplish each move, during a full-hour of exercise. Endurance!

  • The Big Burn

    "If exercise isn't fun, don't do it." Tony & the cast work through all 3-levels of a vibrant plyometric routine, compounded with a balanced interval training component to spike the heart rate & blast calories. Pop squats, bear kicks, & gorilla burpees.

  • A.M. Marching Orders

    "Simple, fun, break a little sweat and be on with your day!" Level 1 & 2 only, Tony wakes you up with a stretch & a laugh before teaching unique fitness moves that build energy in the body. Look for the Tony Scissorhands move & scoop those diamonds.

  • High Gear

    "The key here is to over-train. I'm kidding!" This full-body cardio workout asks you to find your gears & understand what your body's tempo can be with physical activity. As you find your way through, Tony triggers you to take it all into "High Gear".

  • The Pulse

    "Activation, activation, stimulation." Cardio meets isometrics in this 45-minute home workout with Tony and the crew. The pulses come fast as you isolate muscle groups and stimulate your heart & cardiovascular system. Can you make it to the water break?

  • Full Send

    "AKA, Giddy Up." A full throttle workout. There are no demonstrations. We go, you keep up. You figure it out. Maybe about the fourth time, you’ll know what you’re doing. We’re just here to move, alright? Pick it up when Tony says, 'giddy up, full send!"

  • Circuit Crazy

    CIRCUIT CRAZY takes you through circuit blocks of pure strength exercises. Move non-stop, shifting from upper to lower body, which will push you to a whole new fitness level. Equipment Used: Light, Medium & Heavy Dumbbells, Mat

  • 1,2 Punch HIIT

    1,2 Punch HIIT uses two combinations of attainable, fun and challenging kickboxing moves. Each finishes with 1 minute of HIIT intervals to build endurance and intensity!

  • Body Bing Boom

    BODY BING- BODY BOOM works through several series of sequenced moves, using only your own body weight. This class keeps your body and mind strong, sexy and healthy. You will be amazed by what your body can do! Equipment Used: Mat .

  • Combat Mode

    COMBAT MODE is an all-out, 5-round knockout! Hand-to-hand combat style moves with some hard-hitting intervals mixed in. Prove you have what it takes to come out on top. This is combat, baby!

  • HIIT Me With It

    HIIT ME WITH IT is High Intensity Interval Training, the proven way to burn more calories and fat. It's all out intense, hard as you can, recover and do it again! Equipment Used: Light, Medium & Heavy Resistance Band, Mat

  • Kapow

    KAPOW uses easy to follow kickboxing moves that are challenging enough to provide you with a maximum calorie burn in a short amount of time. So effective and fun, we'll keep you coming back for more!

  • Living Room Circuit 2

    When you are on the go or short on time, this fast and fun circuit class alternates 35 seconds of strength conditioning with 40 seconds of cardio exercises, using only your bodyweight and a chair.