Angie Miller's Walking Programs

Angie Miller's Walking Programs

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Angie Miller's Walking Programs
  • 1 Mile Quick Walk

    A fast paced walking workout for cardio conditioning you could do at any time of day.

  • 1 Mile Walk it Out

    Grab an exercise ball for this walk routine that will also build strength in your core and improve your balance.

  • 2 Mile Walk it Out

    A full body walk workout to get your heart pumping and the calories burning

  • 3 Mile Walk

    A non-stop 45-minute walk routine to tone and tighten your whole body.

  • Boost Your Mood Walk

    30 minute walking workout to boost your mood.

  • Booty Walk

    Get your booty tight with this walking workout with exercises targeting the butt.

  • Core Walk

    A workout with cardio conditioning and core tightening.

  • Fat Burning Walk

    In just 20 minutes burn some extra fat and calories with this moderate pace walking workout.

  • Lower Body Walk

    A quick 20 minute walking workout to tone and tighten your butt and legs.

  • Upper Body Walk

    A walking workout to burn calories while working the upper body with a resistance band.

  • Walk & Sprint

    Walking intervals of medium to fast pace to burn the most calories.

  • Walk for Fitness

    A quick walking workout that includes circuits of exercises to increase heart rate and calorie burn.

  • Walk with Resistance Bands

    A full body walking routine that includes a resistance band for toning

  • Walk with Weights

    30 minute walking workout with weights for toning.