Yoga Meditation

Yoga Meditation

It’s estimated that 200–500 million people meditate worldwide. Mindfulness meditation can reduce symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder 73% of the time. Practicing meditation can increase your attention span after only 4 days. By 2022, the value of the US meditation market will be a bit over $2 billion. 52% of employers provided mindfulness classes or training to their employees in 2018. School suspensions were reduced by 45% thanks to meditation. Find your way to a meditation practice in this curated section of easy learning.

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Yoga Meditation
  • A.M. Meditation

    A supported, seated meditation ideal for first thing in the morning.

  • P.M.

    Step back and take a quiet pause at the end of your day. Sharpen your awareness, broaden your perspective and find sanctuaries of stillness to the inner layers of your body, mind and breath.

  • Chair

    Learn chair exercises to stretch the back and hips.

  • Daily Destressors

    With your baby seated in your lap or in front of you, practice a soothing series of mudra meditations and breathwork designed to calm, nourish and restore your body, mind and spirit. Perfect for those sleepy days when you need to recharge.

  • Learn to Breathe

    Focusing on your breath is critical to any yoga practice. Join acclaimed yoga teacher Rodney Yee as you learn to tune into how your body is moved by your breath-and how this awareness affects your practice, poses, and perception of the world.

  • Breathwork for Kids

    This kids yoga practice from Sara Vance is a beginner's class designed to teach children how to harness the soothing powers within inhaling and exhaling.

  • Meditation Bonus

    Yoga master Rodney Yee guides you in a short, but effective meditation to inspire and energize you - anytime, anywhere.

  • Begin Your Day

    The act of meditation is the ultimate dedication to our true being. Together in meditation, we will notice the illusion of separation between yourself and the object of your dedication dissolve.

  • Center to Start

    Get in touch with your physical and emotional center in this guided meditation with Rodney Yee. As you arch your attention inwards, you will encounter how the architecture of your true being is built simply out of peace, love, and light.

  • Bed Yoga for Pain

    Use meditation to better understand the qualities of your pain by bringing your awareness to the inhale, exhale and pausing of the breath. While in bed, create a sanctuary for you to observe the sensations of the body, both the painful and pleasant.

  • No Time 1

    In this short 10-minute practice, you'll learn how to get in your yoga whether you're short on time or away from home. Using a chair and a short walking meditation, you'll oil the joints of your body, using breath and movement to create subtle strength.