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Watch this video and more on Gaiam TV Fit Yoga

Watch this video and more on Gaiam TV Fit Yoga

Yoga Every Day

Yoga Every Day: Hips of Bliss


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  • Yoga Every Day: Balanced in Bliss

    Deepen the exploration of ananda (bliss) with an emphasis on balance. Explore a well-rounded flow of pranayama (breathwork), kriya (action), and asana (physical movement) including balancing poses to invite a state of peace and joy.

  • Yoga Every Day: Heart of Bliss

    The open heart is a powerful pathway into remembering our essential nature of joy and bliss and offering love is a direct route to experiencing more joy in our own lives. Practice creative heart-opening poses culminating in wild thing to deepen the experience of ananda (bliss).

  • Yoga Every Day: Standing in Bliss

    Explore a series of standing poses that will support you in moving through any resistance you have in embracing ananda, the bliss that is your essential nature.