Chrissy Carter

Chrissy Carter

I’m a homebody at heart. I would happily spend every day puttering around my apartment drinking coffee and spending time with my beloved, Billy, and our daughter, Chloé. I love to cook. I can’t think of anything better (other than coffee) than spending all day in the kitchen cooking a meal for my family and friends.

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Chrissy Carter
  • Belly

    Burn belly fat and sculpt a leaner and stronger midsection. This practice takes you through a series of plank poses that will help you stand taller, look leaner, and feel more balanced.

  • Butt

    Lift, strengthen, and sculpt the glutes with poses and micro-movements specifically designed to work all areas of the backside.

  • Thighs

    This thigh-sculpting routine will lengthen, strengthen, and tone thighs and lower legs. Chrissy takes you through several lunge sequences, leading to serious calorie burn.

  • Core

    This core-toning practice will rev up the metabolism and strengthen the abdominals, delivering full-body results.

  • Chair

    Get extra support during your practice by using a chair as a prop.

  • Connect

    Learn the fundamentals of connecting your breath and movement during yoga.

  • Energize

    Wake up and energize every cell in your body as you learn how to flow through poses.

  • Strengthen

    Build the strength you'll need to do more challenging yoga poses.