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Watch this video and more on Gaiam TV Fit Yoga

Watch this video and more on Gaiam TV Fit Yoga

Yoga Every Day

Yoga Every Day: Balanced Truth


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  • Yoga Every Day: Living Truth

    Embody truth with a short call and response chant in Sanskrit and yoga postures designed to open your shoulders and heart center.

  • Yoga Every Day: Moment of Truth

    Giving ourselves permission to honestly assess how we’re feeling each day and making choices in accordance to that are two great ways to tune into your own truth (satya). This versatile, full-spectrum class offers several moments of choice for you to amp up or dial down depending on how you are f...

  • Yoga Every Day: Be Generous to Your H...

    A heart-opening practice with an emphasis on asteya, one of the five yamas (yogic ethical restraints), and loosely translates as “non-stealing.” Asteya means so much more than simply not taking something from another without his or her permission. In the subtler dimensions of this teaching, astey...