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Watch this video and more on Gaiam TV Fit Yoga

Watch this video and more on Gaiam TV Fit Yoga

Yoga Every Day

Yoga Every Day: Twist and Cleanse


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  • Yoga Every Day: Floor Postures to Unwind

    Use the support of the earth beneath you to stretch your hips and hamstrings and put your mind to rest. This class is practiced on the floor for additional connection.

  • Yoga Every Day: Balance of Sun & Moon

    Hatha yoga, the physical practice of yoga, is designed to unite opposites within our body and mind. In sanskrit, “ha” means sun and “tha” means moon. Play with the polarities of solar and lunar energies as you explore balancing poses, pranayama, and mindfulness.

  • Yoga Every Day: Curiosity & Courage

    Yoga teaches us the art of self-inquiry, encouraging us to look within and investigate our inner landscape, which takes both curiosity and courage. In this practice, get curious and get real about what is happening inside of you through an exploration of standing and balance poses such as eagle p...