Mari Winsor - Pilates Guru

Mari Winsor - Pilates Guru

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Mari Winsor - Pilates Guru
  • Perfect Form

    Learn basic Pilates principles including proper body positioning and control.

  • Primer

    These toning and lengthening moves incorporating your breath will make you taller and more graceful.

  • Strengthen

    Add resistance to your practice to strengthen and help create lean muscle.

  • Standing Mat

    This standing series takes traditional Pilates vertical for a whole-body calorie-burning workout.

  • Flat Abs

    Mari Winsor will guide you through this workout designed to strengthen your powerhouse while you get a small waist, flat abs and a long, lean look.

  • Definition

    Join Mari Winsor in a targeted toning abdominal workout designed to slim your middle from every direction, and zero in on those hard-to-reach core muscles.

  • Total Body

    Join Mari Winsor in a bonus total body Pilates workout.

  • Slim & Sculpt

    Slim down and sculpt a lean, toned waist line with this body-shaping Pilates workout.

  • Trim & Tone Thighs

    This power Pilates session focuses on lengthening and tightening the thigh muscles for leaner and more defined legs.

  • Lift & Sculpt Glutes

    Get a rock-hard backside with this routine that focuses on firming, lifting and shaping your glutes.

  • Express Abs

    Mari Winsor guides you through a quick series of Pilates exercises for those days when you're short on time.