Total Body Stretch

Total Body Stretch

Just looking to get some stretching in? Maybe even isolate a certain part of your body and loosen it up with some coordinated stretches? Jump in here and pick a section of your body to work on. Ashleigh & Maryann have a range of stretches for you to sink in to, enjoy!

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Total Body Stretch
  • Neck & Shoulders

    If you have pain in your neck or shoulders try this routine to improve mobility in those areas

  • Back

    With just a chair and a block, you can be on your way to better back mobility with this 20 minute routine

  • Arms

    This quick 20 minute routine will help you gain flexibility with your arms and shoulder joints

  • Legs & Knees

    This 20 minute routine will help improve your mobility of your knees and hip joints

  • Lunchtime Stretch

    Find some relief whether you have been sitting at a desk or standing on your feet all morning. This sequence will reverse the effects of habitual work postures so you can you digest lunch and return to work energized and alert.

  • Evening Stretch

    Wind down at the end of the day in order to move towards relaxation and eventually sleep. Use this sequence to help unwind the body and calm the mind and relieve any excess tension before heading to bed. Props: chair, bolster.