The FIRM: Flat Abs Solutions

The FIRM: Flat Abs Solutions

5 Episodes

Get rock hard abs and a tight, lean body with five brand new core workouts from The FIRM Master Instructor Rebekah Sturkie. Blend cardio, sculpting, and spot work for faster, flatter results! Mix and match all five routines and get ready to flaunt a strong, lean core in no time.

Recommended Equipment: Dumbbells (optional)

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The FIRM: Flat Abs Solutions
  • Coretoner

    Episode 1

    Tighten and tone your core for an overall, amazing look.

  • FIRM and Flat Abs

    Episode 2

    This versatile workout incorporates functional moves that mimic everyday life. Step, chop, and lunge your way to a stronger, leaner core.

  • Boot Camp Burn

    Episode 3

    A super-intense workout designed to create a solid, flat core. Get your heart pumping and fat melting to reveal new, sculpted abs.

  • Flat Belly Sculptor

    Episode 4

    Flatten your abs from the inside out with moves that flow so efficiently and effectively you'll feel your core tightening as you work out.

  • Cardio to the Core

    Episode 5

    This high-energy workout focuses on flattening your core while torching calories. Carve your waistline with simple, fun moves that create a strong, lean core.