The FIRM: Calorie Explosion

The FIRM: Calorie Explosion

6 Episodes

Fat Doesn't Stand A Chance! Get set to burn maximum calories and fat like never before in this hardcore cardio workout video! Calorie Explosion lets you customize routines to meet your fat-blasting goals - as well as your schedule. Choose a quick individual routine, mix two or three…or perform the entire workout for a maximum calorie burn. On your mark, get set, blast!

Use the Warm Up and Cool Down segments before and after each time you workout. Use light Dumbbells to increase resistance.

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The FIRM: Calorie Explosion
  • Warm Up

    Episode 1

    Warm up for the Calorie Explosion workout.

  • Drills

    Episode 2

    Get your entire body in motion with athletic movements that mix lower-intensity, fat-burning sculpting moves.

  • Power Moves

    Episode 3

    Get your heart and muscles pumping with this 12-minute calorie-burning cardio and sculpting workout.

  • Cardio Kickbox

    Episode 4

    Kick calories to the curb with Alison Davis in this 12-minute Cardio Kickboxing workout.

  • High Intensity

    Episode 5

    Blast body fat with Alison Davis in this 12-minute High Intensity Moves workout.

  • Cool Down

    Episode 6

    Finish strong and refreshed! Conclude each workout with this essential cool down routine.