Morning Yoga for Your Week

Morning Yoga for Your Week

5 Episodes

Align your morning energy with the cycle of the modern work week through Rodney Yee’s carefully crafted progression of yoga postures. Embrace your mornings as you gather the momentum of the new day and build towards the transition of each new week.

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Morning Yoga for Your Week
  • Day 1 - Yoga For Your Week

    Episode 1

    A practice for courage & connectivity, this is a perfect balance to open your week as you transition from the weekend. Rodney offers a way to center your awareness for the upcoming challenges of your Monday, and it all starts with apple picking.

  • Day 2 - Yoga For Your Week

    Episode 2

    A practice for creating open energy in the body, Rodney takes you through a morning sequence that will stir your connection to the center of your world. Beginning with postures to help cleanse the body energy, Rodney then has you open your heart center.

  • Day 3

    Episode 3

    A practice for the mid-week morning, Rodney continues the series with a rooting progression to counter all the opening progressions of the beginning to your week. Feel yourself continue to rise to the zenith of the week with positive intentions.

  • Day 4

    Episode 4

    On Thursday mornings, we try not to get ahead of ourselves and begin the weekend too early, but the essence of Friday-eve begins swirling in our awareness. Rodney offers a practice to retain energy and composure for the shifts in your daily dance.

  • Day 5

    Episode 5

    Quieting down into our serenity to start our Friday morning, this is a "TGIF" practice from Rodney. Let’s finish our week by settling in and back, coming low into our morning, to begin towards the finish line of your week with a grounding experience.