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Watch this video and more on Gaiam TV Fit Yoga

Watch this video and more on Gaiam TV Fit Yoga

Up Next in Limited Mobility Yoga - Seated, Bed, Wheelchair

  • Bed Yoga Practice

    Enjoy a simple yoga practice you can do when you're restricted to bed. Keep your spine and joints healthy and comfortable by subtly articulating the spine and finding easy movement for the joints. Encourage the breath to move freely through the body.

  • Chair Yoga One

    From a chair, find length and expansion in your body through simple movements for your legs, spine, and arms in this 20-minute yoga class. Learn how to use a chair in a unique way, enjoying a yoga practice that's accessible for almost everyone.

  • Chair Yoga Two

    Improve digestion and relieve constipation from the comfort of your bed with simple movements that mimic walking in order to release binding and irritation. This practice helps you find the rhythm necessary to bring your body's systems back to normal.