T‘ai Chi Daily Practice

T‘ai Chi Daily Practice

5 Episodes

In this program you'll learn new moves and progress past learning the finer points of the individual forms, and on toward weaving them into a flowing routine. You will trim, tone and strengthen your body, increase your aerobic capacity, improve your balance, and help create a lasting mind/body awareness.

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T‘ai Chi Daily Practice
  • Finding Alignment

    Episode 1

    Hear how this daily discipline can help you tap into "the great stream of life's energy" or chi, and achieve a stronger mind and calmer spirit.

  • Section 1

    Episode 2

    This first part of this daily practice routine covers movements such as Open the Door, Parting the Wild Horse's Mane, The White Crane Spreads its Wings and Playing the Guitar.

  • Section 2

    Episode 3

    Continue working on movements from Section 1, while adding movements such as Grasping the Bird's Tail and High Pat on Horse.

  • Section 3

    Episode 4

    Finish learning the movements for the daily practice routine, adding movements such as Opening the Arms like a Fan, Looking for the Needle at the Bottom of the Sea and Closing the Door.

  • Daily Practice

    Episode 5

    Once you've mastered the movements in Sections 1 through 3, you are ready for the Daily Practice. Flow through all of the movements demonstrated in the previous sections in a continuous practice, designed to challenge you every day.