Start Your Practice

Start Your Practice

3 Episodes

Whether you're new to yoga or want to revisit the fundamentals, join renowned yoga teacher Rodney Yee in this three-part series as he covers the essential yoga poses and breathing techniques that will inspire you to establish a regular yoga practice.

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Start Your Practice
  • Learn to Breathe

    Episode 1

    Focusing on your breath is critical to any yoga practice. Join acclaimed yoga teacher Rodney Yee as you learn to tune into how your body is moved by your breath-and how this awareness affects your practice, poses, and perception of the world.

  • Learn the Poses

    Episode 2

    Internationally acclaimed yoga teacher Rodney Yee teaches you an array of basic yoga poses-from mountain pose to Savasana-that will prepare you to take on your next studio class or in-home practice session.

  • Breathe and Move

    Episode 3

    Learn how to marry your breath and movement with a simple yoga practice that builds on the first two classes in this series. Internationally acclaimed yoga teacher Rodney Yee shows you how to make the breath the conductor of your yoga practice.