HIIT for beginners & for the lower-impact abilities, these are some of our favorite routines that can help you progress into your own ability at your own pace.

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  • Metabolic Mayhem

    Use intense cardio intervals to kickstart metabolism and tap into your body’s various energy systems. As always, you can expect a fun challenge every time you take TKO!

  • Cardio

    This low impact cardio and sculpting workout with dumbbells is a fast and fun way to shed pounds. It combines high intensity bursts of cardio and toning to rev up your metabolism for faster calorie burn, even long after the workout is done!

  • Interval

    Give yourself an even bigger challenge when you combine faster cardio combos with increased resistance and body-shaping mini-bursts. Hit every muscle, including abs for a fit, trim and well-defined physique.

  • Cardio + Sculpt

    Get on the fast track to fabulous! This incredible program is designed to pack a powerful fat-burning punch into short, high-energy sessions.

  • Calorie-Burning

    Work every major muscle group for all-over conditioning with accelerated weight loss results.

  • Workout

    Total Body Time Crunch is 45 minutes of The FIRM's secret weapon against unwanted flab. Designed with the signature combination of aerobics and weights this program is 3 times more effective at burning fat than aerobics alone!

  • Express

    A 25-minute "Express" version of Total Body Time Crunch for the busy bee in you.