Bodyweight 101

Bodyweight 101

10 Episodes

Get back to basics with this series of bodyweight workouts that focuses on improving your balance, strength and weightloss ability.

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Bodyweight 101
  • Butt & Legs Bodyweight Workout

    Episode 1

    Get strong, lean legs and a beautiful backside with this 30 minute bodyweight workout.

  • Bodyweight Strength Workout

    Episode 2

    With nothing but your bodyweight, this workout will help you tone your entire body while burning unwanted calories.

  • Arms & Abs Bodyweight Workout

    Episode 3

    This 30 minute bodyweight workout will help you tone and slim down your arms, while tightening the mid-section.

  • Arms & Legs

    Episode 4

    Lengthen your arms and legs with this 20 minute bodyweight workout

  • Bodyweight 101 - Core

    Episode 5

    A 20 minute bodyweight workout focusing on tightening your mid-section.

  • Stretch & Restore

    Episode 6

    Grab yourself a foam roller for this 20 minute roll and restore routine to help muscle recovery.

  • Alignment

    Episode 7

    This quick 20 minute workout combines yoga and pilates moves to help improve your balance and body alignment.

  • Lower Body & Booty Challenge

    Episode 8

    Using only your bodyweight, this 20 minute workout will help you on your way to a toned and tight booty!

  • Tight Tummy

    Episode 9

    20 minutes is all you need for this core workout that will tighten your mid-section while burning calories.

  • Total Body Tighten & Tone

    Episode 10

    Using only your bodyweight, you'll burn unwanted calories and strengthen your entire body with this 30 minute workout