Yoga to Support Your Workouts

Yoga to Support Your Workouts

3 Episodes

Add some yoga to your workout! Support your regular workout routine with classes geared
towards anyone interested in receiving the benefits of yoga, like flexibility and peace of mind,
while also helping accelerate the results of your fitness routine.

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Yoga to Support Your Workouts
  • Yoga for Your Recovery Day

    Episode 1

    A gentle effective full body unwind to support muscle repair and cellular regeneration. Stretch your muscles, unwind kinks and finish with twists to balance the spine. Leave reset and ready for your next workout.

  • Yoga for Inflexible People

    Episode 2

    Yoga is for everyone, especially if you are not flexible! Clean out the cobwebs of tight muscles and joints with this practice that restores elasticity. Using a chair as a prop, increase spinal movement and joint mobility while finding length and strength.

  • Focused Mind Peak Performance

    Episode 3

    Present moment awareness is the key to excellent athletic performance. Yoga teaches the mind to focus and sync with the body in order to access this state of awareness. This slow-paced yet deeply strengthening practice will help you reach your peak.