Yoga is Easier Than You Think

Yoga is Easier Than You Think

2 Seasons

Interested in learning some of the basics of yoga? This series clearly breaks down essential
yoga postures, preps you for your first studio class and provides you with simple practices you
can use time and time again.

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Yoga is Easier Than You Think
  • Your First Yoga Class

    Episode 1

    Feeling intimidated about taking a yoga class? Don't be! Everyone was a beginner once and Ashleigh shares all the things you need to know when planning to attend your first yoga class.

  • 3 Essential Yoga Poses

    Episode 2

    Explore how to safely and effectively practice three of the most common yoga postures: downward dog, cobra and standing forward fold. Learn how to perform these poses with healthy alignment so you can avoid injury and increase strength and flexibility.