Social Media Detox

Social Media Detox

3 Episodes

This 3-part series with Rodney Yee gives you the tools you need to help detach yourself from technology and social media. Use yoga and meditation to release the grip technology has on your nervous system, giving it the opportunity it needs to restore.

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Social Media Detox
  • Let Go of Your Device

    Episode 1

    To learn how to let go of your device, and your reaction to it, is an advanced practice. Join Rodney for a 15-minute class that will help bring you back into the art of being, remembering how to receive and respond in order to release your nervous system.

  • Anxiety Release Practice

    Episode 2

    In this 20-minute practice, you'll learn strategies for releasing anxiety and stress so that your body and mind can find rest. Targeting tension in the face, neck, shoulders and backs of legs, you will learn how to let go and find an unraveling in the now.

  • Anxiety Release Meditation

    Episode 3

    Use this 20-minute guided meditation for stress and anxiety to remind yourself that there is beauty to be found in moments of silence. Rather than thinking of meditation as a way to remove yourself from life, use it as a chance to immerse yourself in it.