Retirement Yoga with Rodney Yee

Retirement Yoga with Rodney Yee

3 Episodes

Use this 3-part series to connect to the circadian rhythm of your day. Take 20 minutes in the morning, mid-day and evening to cultivate presence in your mind, heart and breath. As you practice, increase your deep appreciation and respect for what is.

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Retirement Yoga with Rodney Yee
  • Morning Energy

    Episode 1

    Start your day with a 20-minute class designed to help you appreciate the interconnectedness of your body and the earth. Using a chair for support, wake up your body with motions that articulate your spine, elongate your muscles and fill you with joy.

  • Mid-Day

    Episode 2

    Enjoy a short break during the day with a class designed to get your breath and body moving. Using a series of gentle backbends, chest openers and standing postures, you will naturally open the body, relieving rigidity to receive the vibrancy of the day.

  • Evening Restore

    Episode 3

    End your day with a restorative session designed to open space for introspection and quiet. Use the aid of a bolster, blanket and strap to help you move into silence while staying grounded on earth. As you open your body, feel your consciousness soften.