Superfood Recipes

Superfood Recipes

Superfood Recipes
  • Mega Immunity: Immuno Boost

    At the first sign of a cold or flu, make a batch of this tea to jump start the immune system.

  • Mega Immunity: Longevity Tonic

    This is a simple tonic to promote strength, vitality, and dynamism. Ginseng has been used for thousands of years to improve overall health, increase longevity, and improve quality of life.

  • Mega Immunity: Very Veggie

    The gastrointestinal tract plays a key role in the immune system. The fiber content in vegetables helps increase the flow of enzymes throughout the body, enhancing the digestive process.

  • Mega Immunity: Heavy Metal Detox

    Heavy metals have been implicated in many serious health problems. Toxicity can be caused by over 35 heavy metals, the most common being mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium.

  • Mega Immunity: Hormone Heaven

    It is essential to keep a healthy balance of hormones in order to maintain optimal immunity. This drink is designed to help achieve that balance. Hormones have an important effect on the immune system, especially as it relates to the thyroid and adrenals.

  • Superfood Recipes: Anti-Stress Adaptogenic Tonic

    Life can be very stressful. Environmental changes can cause biological stress. Anything that causes the body or mind to have to make a rapid adjustment to maintain its integrity can be considered a stress factor.

  • Superfood Recipes: Fly High Goji Berry Superfood Bonanza

    This drink combines two of my favorite superfoods: goji berries and cacao, with some other very powerful superfood ingredients to make a special concoction that will leave you flying high!

  • Superfood Recipes: Chocolate Vanilla Bean Dream

    A creamy dreamy beverage for any time of the day or night.

  • Superfood Recipes: Super Brain, Eye and Nervous System Drink

    This drink has the power to rejuvenate difficult-to-reach nerve tissue. It can help improve eyesight, memory and helps alleviate neurological problems. The coconut oil, marine phytoplankton and MegaHydrate help improve the absorption of omega-3 fatty acids.

  • Superfood Recipes: Stem Cell Immune Illume Elixir

    This elixir taken daily will seriously ramp up one's immune system. Do not add honey or goji berries if you are fighting candida or cancer.

  • Superfood Recipes: Green Monster Radiation Defense Drink

    This drink contains most of the protocols that David Wolfe recommends for natural radiation defense.

  • Superfood Recipes: Super Herb Bliss Balls

    The perfect travel food! You can eat your herbs as well as drink them and these delicious nuggets of goodness are perfect to take with you when you're on the go.

  • Mega Immunity: Flame Away

    The immune system often responds to threats by creating inflammation in the body. Inflammation can be caused by too many processed foods in our diet. Over time, chronic or excessive inflammation can lead to disease.

  • Mega Immunity: Chocolate Magic

    Chocolate Magic combines all the medicinal benefits of mushroom mycelium with the creaminess of avocado and the indulgence of cacao. This is an incredibly thick, delicious, velvety chocolate milkshake, without all the problems associated with dairy and sugar.

  • Mega Immunity: The Blood Builder

    What you eat and drink has a significant effect on the blood’s capacity to support a strong immune system, so you want to make sure to ingest things that keep the blood clean and responsive.

  • Mega Immunity: Unwanted Guest Removal Tonic

    Unwanted guests can challenge even the strongest immune system, so be sure to un-invite them when they decide to take residence in your home.

  • Mega Immunity: Jing Mushroom Tea

    This Jing-building drink will help replenish the adrenals, boost immunity, build blood and balance hormones. The tea base is made from chaga, which is one of the most significant immunological substances known to man.

  • Mega Immunity: Very Green Drink

    There are few things better for you on this planet than green foods! Greens contain chlorophyll, the component in plants that absorbs energy from the sun to facilitate photosynthesis.

  • Mega Immunity: Immunity Blue

    This elixir is super-charged with enzymes, electrolytes, and nutrients to enhance brain function, improve immune function, and improve cellular repair.

  • Mega Immunity: Super Electrolyte Lemonade Superhero Cleanser

    This lemonade recipe from The Longevity Now Program is a powerful combination of superfoods and superherbs for the ultimate detox drink. Perfect for summer, for fasting and cleansing, or even just to reboot your digestion.

  • Recipes to Supercharge Your Life: Golden Gut Lassi

    This golden lassi is the gut healing trifecta that will send your tastebuds into meltdown.

  • Recipes to Supercharge Your Life: Layered Salted Caramel Peanut Fudge

    The unique peanutty fudge makes it fulfilling for adults with a cuppa, but also brings plenty of happiness to little kids!

  • Recipes to Supercharge Your Life: Oven Baked Broccoli and Cauliflower Steaks

    We all know just how nutritious vegetables are, but often we don’t make them feel that way. We boil brussels sprouts until they’re tasteless and we cook cauliflower until it’s a pile of soggy mess. I’d like to take a moment to say sorry to the previous vegetables that we’ve all victimized by trea...

  • Recipes to Supercharge Your Life: Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie Bowl

    If you had the choice to have chocolate for breakfast or not have chocolate for breakfast, which would you choose? To chocolate, or not to chocolate – that is the question!