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Watch this video and more on Gaiam TV Fit Yoga

Watch this video and more on Gaiam TV Fit Yoga

Up Next in Limited Mobility Yoga - Seated, Bed, Wheelchair

  • Mid-Day

    Enjoy a short break during the day with a class designed to get your breath and body moving. Using a series of gentle backbends, chest openers and standing postures, you will naturally open the body, relieving rigidity to receive the vibrancy of the day.

  • Evening Restore

    End your day with a restorative session designed to open space for introspection and quiet. Use the aid of a bolster, blanket and strap to help you move into silence while staying grounded on earth. As you open your body, feel your consciousness soften.

  • Bed Yoga for Constipation

    Improve digestion and relieve constipation from the comfort of your bed with simple movements that mimic walking in order to release binding and irritation. This practice helps you find the rhythm necessary to bring your body's systems back to normal.