Improve Your Posture

Improve Your Posture

3 Episodes

Improve your posture by becoming more aware as you sit, stand and lie down. Each of these practices with Rodney Yee will guide you through observation and movement, giving you the tools you need for your body feel and perform its best throughout the day.

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Improve Your Posture
  • How to Stand

    Episode 1

    Rethink how you stand by examining your habits. Use this 20-minute class to observe, creating variations that help your body to be symmetrical and fluid. Understand how you stand, increase your sensitivity and remind yourself that it's actually fun!

  • How to Sit

    Episode 2

    So much of our modern life involves sitting, so it's important to do it well. Use this 20-minute practice to understand and change your sitting posture, whether in a chair or on the ground. Remember that sitting is circular, receiving and giving back.

  • How to Lie Down

    Episode 3

    Because Savasana is one of the greatest poses in your practice, learning how to lie down properly is key. When done with technique and awareness, you provide your body with a position that is relaxed and receptive. Play with variations as you settle in.